Saturday, July 23, 1977

Baby Dies - not from illness.

Psalm 54

Got up medium. Showered, dressed. Had our sermon. Heard "C(olgate) C(avity) F(ighter's) C(lub)". I read T. "Mary Poppins." Mom came and told us that Baby died, he drowned in the drain (kitchen) eating sardine oil. Ate. Guerly and Greta miss Baby. So do I. All 3 of us played Scrabble. Ate supper. Put on pj's. Went to bed. Thank you Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Dinner 1/2 grapefruit+honey, lima beans+sardine sauce, carrot+tomato+green pepper+cucumber+red herring salad, corn bread, honey, orange, grapefruit.
  • Supper: baked beans +sardine+sweet pepper, orange+red herring+carrot chutney, mango+grapefruit(?)+orange.
I decided I had to put in a tag for sardines. I need to see how many days we actually ate sardines.

So Baby died. I'd thought he died earlier than this, but I guess it was Dumas who died first. We had a more "utilitarian" outlook on the doggies in Jamaica, than if we had been living here. It was rare in Jamaica that any doggies were allowed inside of a house. So while I remember being sad when Baby passed, life went on!

(added 8/14 - a picture of T & Baby)


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