Thursday, July 21, 1977

A Letter From The M--'s

Psalm 52

Got up early. Dressed. Cleaned room. Mom cooked fritters. Pops had some before he left for town. Heard "Strange Homecoming." Went through Mama's trunk. Looked at baby clothes, T. found a French bonnet, and we also found some articles about Great Grandpa. Pops came back with chicken. Pops cooked. We all ate, heard "Dulcimina." Put on pj's, went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O, thank you.

I ate:
  • Breakfast: Pumpkin fritters, banana puffs, balls, 1 Plaintain twists
  • Dinner: Fried chicken, ice cream, rice carrot+pumpkin+green pepper+tomato+corn meal, red herring omlette, orange+banana chutney
The M's are our cousins. They lived in Washington, D.C. (one of them still does, with her dad). The younger cousin was always better at keeping in touch; years later she still is. I think it's funny that the fact that Poppy brought chicken home was more interesting than the contents of the letter, since I only put the letter in my "header" for the day. Ha ha! Maybe I do have food issues!

We had these big steamer trunks that had followed us all through Jamaica. One had a huge collection of albums including some Beatles albums, one of the Wailer's first albums that was constructed like a Zippo lighter, many jazz albums. Some had books. Another had all our baby books. When we left Jamaica, we put them up in storage but never got back to get them, and so they're lost somewhere in Kingston. I still have fantasies that one day those trunks will turn up... my biggest loss was my baby book. And my stuffed tiger. Oh well.


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