Thursday, July 28, 1977

Wonders - Red Sun Dies

Psalm 59

Got up medium. Dressed. T + Mom brought the news Red Sun is dead. He didn't look so bad contrary to Pushkin. Walked Greta + Guerly. Pops went to town. Heard "Strange Homecoming." Mom did (dyed?) her t-shirt. Pops came back at 12:25pm. All four of us went to Biscayne. Saw Mr. K. Francis, Jr. Got a lift to the 9-mile marker. Said when we're ready, tell him, he'd get me a horse.* Came back. Helped with fire. Showered. Ate. Heard "Dulci." After, pjs and bed.

*Thank you , Oh, thank you Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Snack: 3 bananas, 1 1/2 Busta, 1/4 orange, 1/2 grapefruit.
  • Dinner: red corn meal+ coconut, fried red herring, tomato+orange+banana+mango chutney, guacamole, green banana+corn beef hash, ochroe (okra?)+coconut corn meal
Boy, 12 -YOs that live out in the middle of nowhere sure are gullible-I actually thought I'd get a horse. I don't remember who the hell Mr. K. Francis Jr. was, but I do remember being thrilled at the belief I'd get my own horse.

I was horse-obsessed. Sometimes when we rode the bus into "town" (Kingston), I'd fantasize that I was actually outside the bus on my horse, galloping. There was a railing that ran along the outside of the stairs up onto the flat roof; I constructed a saddle and stirrups from a blanket and some rope, and would practice riding--even "posting" (which is very difficult to do when your "horse" isn't moving). And you know I've yet to actually ride a horse? Even better, I'm about a mile and half right this very second, from a stable with horse you can rent. Have lived a mile-and-a-half from said stable for 12 years this summer. I really oughta, after all this time...

So! Didja notice?.. no sardines!


Unknown said…
You really should. Riding is amazing. I worked in a stables when I was a teen for a while to get free lessons (and then I had to get a real job that acutally paid).

I used to do the same thing when riding in a car. And I use to "ride" the mounument next to our apartment.
Julie said…
Go Ride!!!!! It's an incredible feeling. But you have to do it more than once. The first couple of times you just feel like you're going to fall off. But once you get used to the sense of balance, it's just awesome. Oddly, I've never had much of a fascination with horses, but I've always had people in my life who did, which has afforded me many opportunities to ride and it's really wonderful.
chellewoods said…
I highly recommend riding. It is very mentally cleansing, as well as a good workout. There is such a sense of being free on top of a horse. And just because I'm a perv, there's nothing like controlling 1200 pounds of power between your legs LOL!

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