Saturday, July 30, 1977

Psalm 61

Got up medium. Dressed. Fed Greta and Guerly. Mom showed us the "model walk." T got it more than I. Had Sabbath School. Heard "Colgate Cavity Fighter's Club." Ate and rested. In the evening, all of us and Greta and Guerly walked on the beach. We saw 2 men fishing. We also walked on the lake. Came back. Put on pj's. Ate supper. Went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O, thank you.

I didn't write down the food that day...


Anonymous said…
I love reading your diary, calls to mind those halcyon days, when we didn't know how crazy we were. Maybe crazy is the real sanity, it was a ovelylife, peaceful and close to the bone. Anyway Little Girl, you had a LIFE
professor said…
you have a blog? you bitch and you didnt tell me? I can't get on...why?

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