The Sun Came With Me Today...

to work. He's playing on a co-worker's computer while I surf the 'net on mine. Because no one else is here, I actually got to work on the hospital newsletter for a minute but I'm about to skate on outta here, soon as I can.

But the real reason I started this post was to remark on an interesting thought I had today. Which is that usually, it's just my Sun and I; living, working, eating, running for the bus, chillin' with freinds. I haven't brought him to work since I got kicked out of that meeting, and he's grown a lot since then. He's got such a big personality, and we talk about all kinds of things that I forget he's only 8. But somehow, today, as he was shyly greeting my co-workers I looked at him and thought "wow, he's still so young!" It was kind of strange to see him in that light. I usually look at him and see the man he will be one day.

Other quickie news:
  • Someone else quit this week! HA HA! That's one firing, four quittings and two HR complaints that I know of. It's worth me sticking around now, just to see how it all ends up. Could be amusing....
  • I keep forgetting to tell you all that I GOT MY RED COUCH! The couch is being delivered tomorrow. I'm sure it will happen right in the middle of my mom's going-away get together. The Professor took me to IKEA on Wednesday evening; a perfect time to go. Very little traffic. See, sometimes I DO get the things I obsess about. That's why it's so hard for me to deal with it when I DON'T get the things I've been obsessing about.
  • I hear that FBB may want to settle. But at this point, I'm not sure I want to. Fuck him. Beat the dog in the water, as Lu Hsun would say.

*sigh*. I'm being made to work, so let me do something so I can sneak out....


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