Tuesday, July 19, 1977

Got up medium. Showered, dressed. Baby looks kind of sick - mumps. Please help him, Mr. O, thank you. Me and mom went to Biscayne. In Mrs. Jones, I heard the end of "Strange Homecoming." Came back. T & I played Scrabble. Got peppers from Speedy. Got a piece of pone (potato) that Speedy gave to us. Helped with fire. Ate. Showered after doing dishes. Heard "Dulcimina." Going to bed. Thank you, Mr. O, thank you. I ate:
  • Breakfast: 5 1/2 busta,jack fruit, watermelon, 1 banana
  • Dinner: White rice, breadfruit+sardine+chicory+g.banana+jackfruit seed sauce, stewed bananas & Mango
Jackfruit was a weird fruit, and I wasn't overly crazy about the fruit itself, but the seeds were great. Boiled, they were sort of like a dense potato. Breadfruit apparently is from the same family (and related to the mulberry... who knew!? There's a mulberry tree that hangs over the bridge to the Rock, and in the beginning of summer there's black sticky spots all over the sidewalk and bridge from where all the fruit drops. Every summer I say I'm going to go down there, collect mulberries and make jam, and every summer I forget...) but was much more pleasant. Sometimes we'd get a breadfruit and bury it in the coals of the fireplace and roast it. Then you slice it and eat it... just like bread.

Have you figured out yet who "Mr. O" was?


Regina said…
I know I must have missed this explanation somewhere -but why the "Thank you, Mr. O, thank you." in all of your entries? What's the significance?

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