T'weren't Much Better The Second Day, Either

I went straight home with the boys last night, I swear. Didn't even stop by to visit my mommy. She was tired, anyway, and high on life, talking a mile a minute.

My little man takes after me at that age; we're not big eaters. We can find a million other things to entertain ourselves until we either a.) forget to eat entirely or b.) suddenly become consumed with a raging hunger and eat everything in sight. Usually, its "a" (well, it used to the usual for me... lately it's "b"). The Moon, on the other hand, eats regularly at about 7P, although Shoefly sees nothing wrong with Kraft Mac N'Cheese or frozen food as long as she throws in a (frozen, nuked) veggie. Which I think is part of my problem... I HATE pre-packaged/frozen food and so I end up cooking. And cooking takes time, plus my kitchen SUCKS and there's no room to prepare/cook-everything-then-clean, and I end up having to prepare-clean-cook-clean.

So I get home and by the time I get the morning silverwear/coffee pot out of the sink and season the chicken breast filets, stir-fry the broccoli and make garlic bread it's 9PM. It's embarrassing that we ate that late. The upside though, was that the Moon ate *everything* on his plate ("he won't eat broccoli" Shoefly says. So I told her about balsamic vinegar. But last night's broccoli was made with Teriyaki and ginger and the Moon ate it *all*) and even had a little bit of seconds. The Sun picked as usual, but ate most of everything.

The Sun is completely free with his nakedness and has no qualms about peeing in front of his friend, or being naked or taking a bath together. The Moon is a little more private, so when the Sun said he wanted to share the tub with his friend I was surprised the Moon said yes. The fact that I added bubbles (for privacy) made it easier, I think. Which is great, because it saved time. So the boys got to bed about 10:30. Moon went to sleep immediately, Sun tossed a little bit. He, like me, is a nightowl.

I did laundry and vacuumed the cat hair that was taking over my room, and then fell asleep at the computer (which is why I haven't yet posted my day in 1977). We didn't make the 7:10A bus though... again we made the 7:30 and there was somehow less people when we got to the subway so I thought maybe we'd be OK.

Nope. I realized around 66th street that we weren't going to make the Moon's escort from location A to location B of the daycamp, so today I decided I might make better time if I took the Moon to his location first, and then take the Sun the 10 blocks uptown and still maybe get to work on time.

NOPE! Because motherfuckers insist on driving in the city. And there's a giant gaping hole someplace on Lexington, so traffic is worse then ever. I wasn't a big fan of this Congestion Pricing debate that's going on until this morning. This morning I decided they need to make people pay to drive in Manhattan. You can't get anywhere above ground in under a half hour. Because it took us a half hour to go exactly 10 blocks on a Limited-Stop bus. One stop!!!

Sun got to his program at 9:15, and they had already left to go to the park. The snippy counselor said something about "time being crucial" but I was too aggravated to even light into her. I felt bad, but I wasn't walking over to the park to attempt to find his crew, so I signed him into another group (hoping he'll rejoin his Karate group as they were swimming today) and ran over to the subway to come uptown. I STILL got here at 9:40A.

Doesn't really matter since in addition to surfing various blogs (and realizing I like that Humanity Critic Dude -- he's funny!) my main only task of the day was to find a logo on my harddrive. For the Vampire Beeyatch, and I don't like her anyway so I don't mind making her wait.

I miss my mommy but I think I'm going to go straight home again today so we can try again tomorrow...


professor said…
hey...I gotta drive...I would NEVER make it to where I have to go with the numerous dropoffs I do before eight...Thats why there are sooo many cars, cause most folks have to do what your doing and make it to work before nine...
The Bear Maiden said…
Hee hee, I know. I was just shouting you out because I could... But STILL! DAMN!

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