Who's The Babymama Now?

Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant.

The Huffington Post

Not that there's anything inherently wrong or controllable about teenage pregnancy. It's happened to a good many of us, our families, our daughters, nieces, granddaughters.

But it means Palin's gonna be a tad bit preoccupied with family drama...


RoadGrl said…
I'm still trying to figure out how she takes care of a little one with Down's syndrome and is the governor. We know how demanding typical children are, let alone kids with special needs. Something's got to give.
The Bear Maiden said…
I know. I guess Alaska isn't New York. Fat Lady and I were talking today and she was making me laugh... she said she thinks her high school had more people in it than the town Palin was mayor in. I think my Rock has more people on it than her town... And Alaska's big but it's still not overly populated.

So she's got a pretty tall order... to say nothing of moving 5 kids--one pregnant and one with special needs clear across the country to a whole other way of life...

Not to say she can't do it... but as a mom it makes you wonder if you'd really want to uproot your family at a time like this.

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