really pisses me off.

This Palin thing... I said when I posted the story the other day that teenage pregnancy is something that can happen to ANYBODY... hell... we dealt with the subject as a family our damn selves. Matter of fact, we're dealing with it again, as the Professor's 16YO step daughter, Moodmagicbarbie's half sister, is also pregnant.

But lets be real, shall we?

  1. When Black and Hispanic teens have babies, "taxpayers" get all up in arms about expecting their hard-earned tax dollars going to welfare to support these girls.
  2. Nobody talks about Black and Hispanic girls "choosing to keep" their babies... which not-for-nothing, is what happens, especially in Catholic/Latino households. And Black girls have a very high sense of morals when it comes to abortion. If they have no real reason NOT to have a baby, if they are not focused on a path, they willingly accept "the responsibility". And they DO try to "work it out" with the babydaddies, and more babydaddies are involved. Circumstances/joblessness/hopelessness/despair and a complete lack of support for young families will often push them apart... but they don't start out thinking "oooh I know!!! I'm gonna milk the welfare system!"
  3. If Obama's teenage daughter was pregnant... what do you honestly, truly think the "spin" and the damage would have been???? Seriously.
  4. It was NOT AT ALL cool when it was perceived that only young Black and Hispanic teens were the ones "popping out babies". Now that Jamie Lynn Spears has been forgiven by the almighty Disney, and now young Palin, all of a sudden folks talk about "now, now, lets be understanding?" Let me tell you EXACTLY how understanding people were of the Diva when she was pregnant... even though she was 19 going on 20... she looked years younger. They shot her nasty looks, made comments, refused to let her sit on trains. Treated her like shit in the clinic waiting room.
Pisses me the fuck off.


Carrie said…
Or the comment I heard from some Congressperson: "It's a personal family matter and just should be left alone". HA! HA! Like you're willing to leave it alone as a personal decision when it comes to a) pregnancy prevention education and b) the whole 'choice' bruhaha. HA! I say. I don't have any personal experience, like you do Jesi, but I'm still flabbergasted.

You didn't touch on how Palin is a 'hero' for her 'choice' to have her 5th child. Choice shmoise. I think that most women either forego the DS testing and/or wouldn't make the abortion choice anyway. Hero, shmero.
Rachel said…
Count me among the PO'd. More on the subject here:


Passage House website:

The Bear Maiden said…
@ Carrie... Yeah, I think the "choice" to have a baby with Down Syndrome, after you've had four other kids is going to be a MUCH different choice than when you're young and alone. MUCH different.

@rachel... and it's real nice she snippily brought up things she "thought the taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for" like the jet... and in my mind jumped Passage House.

Yeah, I don't like her.

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