A Pause To Remember...

that seven years ago on a beautiful, clear day the world changed. Not every one's world changed to the same degree... for some it was probably the most terrible day ever imagined... but the world changed.

You can't have that many souls set free on a single day and not have it affect the universe.

Seven years and a lot of the pain and horror has faded for me, mainly because I didn't lose anyone too close; my mom's neighbor, the ex of another neighbor, and the close friend of a friend. People I knew by name and had met, but no one very close. I ran into a newer acquaintance out here on the Rock last week... she had lost her brother that day. And while she spoke of moving on and not attending any of the ceremonies, and how she and her family will remember him by doing something "fun" that he would have liked, I could see in her face that the pain of that day will never leave her. It was like looking into a dark tunnel.

So today, I'm thinking of Meggie, who lost her brother seven years ago today... and I hope that she's somewhere doing something fun with her family.


Janet said…
I've been thinking of you today...I know it hit close since you were in that building working not long before the tragedy...

Peaceful thoughts to all who experienced direct familial loss and to everyone else who shudders in remembrance.
Natalie said…
I can't talk about this day without crying. Before my van was totaled in January (this year), I still had the American Flag sticker I put on it in the days after 9/11. I always wondered, in the last couple of years, where all of those stickers had gone - the ones folks put on their cars at that time. Not that the *stickers* mattered, but... well, you know.

I imagine this day will always bring forth the sort of emotion I felt as I watched the events unfold (live, but on the TV in our DC suburb apartment) that day. I hope we never forget.
sydney said…

I hear you.
For some years, the memorials were all around us and it was easy to remember....a bit hard for me to have a happy Birthday through it all, but oh well.

Now it is hard to find reminders
I wish there were more

Jesi just wanted to comment I have your Pratt 9/11 graphic poster up on a bulletin board at work. Just a tiny little one, largest size that would print.

I wish you would market it as a window decal and a small poster, and I wish it would sell

i was teaching class at emory university when they told us to stop and that it was said a plane was heading toward the CDC. I was on faculty in school of public health - next to cdc
Jacqueline said…
Living here, it feels as if NO ONE remembers except, me, my children, my husband and my mother. I will never ever forget that day. Like Natalie, I cry when I think about it and talk about it. It hit me in a HUGE way. Just yesterday, Gimli said, "Was Sept 11th always an imp't date even before 2001?" What a revealing question about these times. I tell you, my concern, even now, a "mere" seven years post 9-11-2001, is that it is already fading from memory. Remember "the day that would live in infamy"? Here it is two generations later and IMO, it's BEEN forgotten. Sure, it's in the "history/social studies" books - big whoop. It's just NOT the same. And the way I see it, that apathy is ALREADY happening regarding 9-11. Sounds like I have another blog post, huh?
The Bear Maiden said…
Been kinda MIA the last few days, sorting through stuff... but @Sydney... you know I'd kinda forgotten about that poster this year until late that afternoon, as the art teacher at the Sun's school brought it up.

So I'll rethink it....

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