OK, Seriously...

I made up my mind.

Sarah Palin scares the crap out of me.

She's the type of Caucasian woman that will piss a lot of forward-thinking women off... but brown women in particular go to war with women like her.

Self-righteous, condescending and holier-than-thou, she uses "True Blue to America" and the right to bear arms and the "protection of life" and patriotism against you, letting you know with her pressed lips and tightly-clenched jaw that you just don't rate in her world if you don't see it her way. The passably pretty but enormously bitchy head cheerleader who tells you your butt's too big to be on the squad. No, it's not cuz you're black... it's cuz you'll stand out too much. Or you're too heavy and can't be picked up.

The type of woman who gets on the PTA, and yeah, she gets stuff done but tromps on all the other moms who don't agree with her in the process.


Politicks is politicks and they're all smarmy, as far as I'm concerned... but I watched the DNC and came away with it with hope, with pride that my country has a decent shot at overcoming deep-seated racism, that we just might have a shot at making America as it should be... if we all pitch in and help. And EVERYBODY had a place in it. I watched a family who obviously loved each other... a man who loved a woman who stuck by him (the picture of Obama and Michelle that I posted on my blog... I liked that one because his hands are entertwined behind her back) and a woman who loved her husband. And two candidates who seemed to have a genuine respect for each other.

But on the real... the RNC filled me with fear. The occasional brown face in the crowd... the perfectly coiffed and pearled and suited everyone-else... Love Tim McGraw and country music, but I half-expected to see the Confederate Flag waving.
And Giuliani... still trotting out his ONE acceptable accomplishment which was doing his job during 9/11. I never liked Giuliani, never ever voted for him, and he only redeemed himself to me during those awful days following the WTC disaster because he kept everyone informed about what was going on. He was calm, he was reassuring... but that was the one good thing he ever did the whole time we were stuck with him. I watched his speech in horror... mean-spirited, sneering. In fact, as far as I could see, nobody tonight offered up a plan... just ripped apart the Democrats with skewed facts and fear mongering.

Palin... yeah she had her family with her... but I didn't see "warm and fuzzy"... not to her kids (one of the little daughters following her around and she never even saw; the family held the baby, not her...) and not to her running mate. And it's just so convenient for her patriotism to have a son going off to war, and to have a "Special Needs" kid. The one she barely held or kissed. The one there'll be nannies and specialists caring for if she's VP cuz she'll be too busy to really deal with her own children.

I'm sure the right-wingers bought into it hook line and sinker... I can see the spin spinning but from where I sit?

...if McCain/Palin get into the White House brown folk are fucked. It's going to be more of the same... SuperSized Alaska-style. Cuz yeah McCain is scary on his own. But he's also old. And not looking the picture of vim and vigor. To have Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency is not something I'm at all comfortable with.

I'd take Hillary over her ANY DAY. And y'all know how I feel about her...

but what the hell do I know... I live on the DarkSide....


Bonnie said…
Your description of Sarah Palin is SOOO on the money. The PTA Queen Bee - yep, that is it. I don't think she understands what she is in for with a special needs child - but her nanny(s) will probably handle it all for her. My theory is that she has the high powered career to escape the chaos of her home life (the way many men do, in fact).

I also think it shows how out of touch McCain is, that he could even have *thought* that Palin would be attractive to Hillary supporters. In fact, I have been hearing many interviews with Hillary supporters who say that the choice of Palin has shown them that they must vote for Obama. As you know, I liked Hillary myself (and Obama too), and I see no comparison between the two women. It would be like offering Clarence Thomas to try to attract Obama supporters.
RoadGrl said…
oh I am right there with you two... I just sat there frustrated as all get out listening to the "rah rah" cheerleading about herself and the "oooh, don't pay any attention to the other candidate because he's not OUR sort"
and it was a sea of white, for the most part.
And the whole speech was so anti-intellectual it hurt.
and what was the young boyfriend/babydaddy doing on the tarmac greeting McCain with the rest of the family if they are trying to keep this private!
They're just going to keep trotting out the 17 yo as long as it suits them and then when the attacks come, hide behind her ever-increasing abdomen and shout "no fair!"
The Bear Maiden said…
Bonnie, I specifically thought of those I know personally (or internet-ally) with special needs kids... those who, whether they work full time or not, research and agonize and cry and fight and take joy in and cry over and work some more and got to therapists and specialists and doctors with and cry and.... And I wondered... is she REALLY going to do that? See, it just occured to me she probably jumped on the VP nomination as a way to escape all that she's about to endure with her baby. He's only 5 mths old... AND FOTFLOL about Clarence Thomas. That was priceless.

And roadgrl, lol about the anti-intellectual. Dead on. And the babydaddy... I'd feel for him except if he'd been smart enough to use a condom (SHE may have been taught abstinence, but it does take two to make a baby) he wouldn't be in this mess. And boy, he is in some hot doodoo right about NOW!
Carrie said…
I can't reconcile the "Palin is a reformer and an agent of change" spin with the deep despair I feel of another presidency just like (or possibly worse than) the current one.
Regina said…
"snarky smarmy cheerleader she who wears the pants in that family" a heartbeat away from the Presidency, with ideals that terrify me for what they mean for women's rights... not if I can help it.

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