Lord, if the rest of the country believes this crap that just was McCain (Professor christened him WoundedKen).... God help us. Seriously. We're fucked Baked Alaska-Style.

All I heard, Charlie Brown style, was "I did this, and I did that, and I fight for this" and then he trotted out his war story.

And they have the nerve to say they didn't hear a plan from Obama?

So let me get this straight... be white, wave a flag, be patriotic and uh, that'll stir the economy enough so they'll start hiring graphic designers again and I'll have a job? Or, if I don't get a job... there'll be ways to help me in the meantime?

It'll lower my taxes? Pay for my kid's education? Bring the cost of gas (and thus everything else) down?

And even better, if he dies before he wakes, we have GunTotinCheerleaderBitchBarbie to pick up the flag and carry on?

I need to find me a voter registration drive to volunteer for... Matter of fact I'm gonna start a text chain letter.


Carrie said…
Well, I think we can at least thank McCain for getting this cynical woman off the couch and involved a tiny bit. :-)
professor said…
no leave her on the couch...
Ros said…
freakin' ADORE the current soundtrack
sydney said…
could you work as a graphic designer for the Obama campaign?

Seriously -- get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, to get out and register if they aren't registered, and vote. Because the reason a lot of elections have gone down as they do, because people who could make a difference think they can't. So they stay home in droves.

"If you do what you always done, you get what you've always got"

The ad that's currently driving me nuts, is McCain on how Obama is just part of the "no balanced budget failed congressional leaders". Just the facts, Ma'am:

I'm tempted to photocopy the latter site, as many as my pocket can stand, and leave it all over the place.

The bottom line: Republican presidents increase the national debt and un-balance the budget, and somehow get away with pointing the finger at Democrats as "tax and spend".

How does that work, when the facts speak otherwise? Can we discuss facts?
The Bear Maiden said…
@Sydney... Obama's campaign seems to have staff designers/contractor, but they do run contests. I'm gonna check out your links.

And the Obama campaign is running workshops on organizing voter drives. And I'm interested. My own niece isn't registered to vote. And a host of others. And truthfully... it's not about telling people WHO to vote for... it really is trying to get people to really look at what's happening and decide how they want to live their lives.

It's serious...
Bonnie said…
GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE!!!! I just saw the polls today - this is SERIOUS - we can't have a President Palin in our future. Please, God not... The way she talked in her speech, with that whiny teenybopper sarcasm, like she was up in the senior play or something, made me ill. Did anyone here see the movie Heathers? Well, Sarah Palin is a Heather.

A couple of you may remember me last January, sitting in a restaurant in Manhattan, predicting that if McCain won the primary he would be impossible to beat. He is dangerous. He has a Karl Rove protege guiding his campaign, and he is very very likely to win.
The Bear Maiden said…
I definitely thought of you and that day, Bonnie... and you're right... she IS a Heather.

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