The Sun's Violin Recital

He did really well, my little man. Very steady rhythm; no dynamics at all, but steady.... Roberta leaned over to me and said "WOW! He did REALLY WELL!" which is a HUGE complement coming from her... but I think the Sun is famous for his sloppy and frustrating practices. He stands around, digs out wedgies, picks his nose and yawns a lot. I know he yawns when he's concentrating, but they think he's bored. And he rushes through practices. But somehow when he stands up to play he pulls it out his @ss and plays beautifully.

I dunno. He's his mother's child, I guess... only perform well when our asses are on the line. *sigh*.


chellewoods said…
I think it was fantastic :) You must be so proud!
Janet said…
Bravo Sun!! He did a great job!
The Bear Maiden said…
He thanks you :) And yes, I'm proud all over :)

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