Christmas Is The Boringest Day...

when you're a Jew. Or some derivative thereof.

Bigbear told me that Poppy watched every version of "A Christmas Carol" he could find. For someone who doesn't keep Christmas, she said, she had Christmas shoved down her throat. Then they went off to lunch with their long-time Jewish friends, who were in town for the weekend, down on the upper West Side. They wanted to go to BBQ's. I said, "Ma, BBQ's might be closed. It's Christmas! Did you call?". "Nah," she said. "They'll be open." And then she said some other mildly racist/definitely politically incorrect stuff about Mexican busboys and time and-a-half which I'll leave unsaid. But if you live in New York you'll know what I'm talking about.

I don't consider myself to keep Christmas... there are no holiday lights in my windows--although they're hung since last year, I never turned them on this year. I need to go put my barbecue-flavored chicken legs in the oven so we can eat but that's the extent of my holiday cooking. The Sun though, said that technically, we DO keep Christmas since he gets toys and we give presents.

So rather than deny, I agreed. He has been stating that this was his best Christmas ever. The Moon's family, where we went last night, are hilarious. Titi cooked. Her oven is broken so everything was done on top of the stove; pernil (which we don't eat), pot roast, steak, chicken wings, mashed sweet potatoes, yellow rice with sausage (lovingly made with turkey sausage and chicken Vienna sausage, on account of The Sun and I), white rice. Niece (who's going to a culinary arts high school) made a beautiful red velvet cake, Titi M made flan and pineapple upside cake. We had coquito. The Sun got gifts; a Naruto DVD in Japanese with English subtitles (this morning he was telling me how to say "You're a jerk!" in Japanese), a few more Toys R Us gift cards, and iDog, a Transformers Bumblebee robot, a beautiful book of Naruto art and two crispy $5.00 bills from Grandma Iris (and she signed it that way). I told Titi there were too many damn guests this year, and not enough leftovers. I took a small plate home, feeling slightly guilty. The Chinese niece-in-law took home a HUGE tray. "Damn," I said, "and I was trying to be nice... I felt a little bad". "Yeah," she said, piling on pernil, "I almost feel bad. But I'll get over it!"

When I got home, I couldn't help myself and checked email. And of course there was a badly-spelled-no capitalization having-sporadic periods having email reply from TF. It started off with something about an incident that happened five years ago, and the word ABUSED (in caps) in a sentence denying it (a kicked in door, motherfucker? threats? oh, but you never hit me, right? Does being held against a wall by your throat count? Or not? Fuck you.). I skimmed the first paragraph and decided against reading it. I could, point-by-point, give "facts figures and photos". I could try to point out where our to remembrances of the same incident differ. By why? He wouldn't read it. If he did, he would only try to argue his case. And besides, he was only trying to draw me into contact, of which I have no desire for. I wrote back that I don't hate him (deleted the part about it taking too much energy), that I've no desire for contact unless it's necessary since I'm not into relaying messages through the Sun, and "The only things I care about are 1.) What time are we meeting Saturday morning (I am assuming 10AM at Dunkin' Donuts) 2) What time are you bringing him home on Sunday night 3.) where are you staying with him while you are here, and 4.) when do you plan on signing the visitation agreement."

As of this moment, only two questions were answered, one with incomplete information and two were ignored. Guess which two?

*sigh*. I guess I'll wait until next week to make the final blow. Unless my patience runs out before then.

In the meantime, the Moon got a Wii for Christmas. And a Naruto game. "Why would you do that to yourself" I asked the Moon's parents? "You'll wake up in the morning and find my child in his longjohns, his stuffed dolphin under his arm, his hair fuzzed up and the Wii remotes in his hands, BEING Naruto. Why would you do that?"

Earlier, we went to visit UpstairsNeighbor's mom in the nursing home. She's been there about a month. It was hard for UN to give up her mom, but she couldn't give her the care she needed; she had a hard time dealing with Mr. Kip's death. So it's been hard on them, but UN's mom looked pretty good and was glad to The Sun and I. Thumbelina came too.

So, it's been a good day. The streets out here on The Rock are EMPTY. The restaurants are all closed; there's parking everywhere. Reminds me of a song I know...

Merry Christmas to all my Christmas-Keeping friends!
And HappyChineseFood Day to everyone else!


Jacqueline said…
Let's see... #1 was answered, #2 half answered and he didn't even bother answering #s 3 & 4, right? blech. the Sun still has his phone, right?
The Bear Maiden said…
HaHa! jacqueline, pretty good guesses. 1.) Correct. 2.) Not really since he still thinks he's bringing him back on Monday, 3.) he answered with the name of the hotel but not WHERE, and correctemundo on #4!

LOL. It's sad that you can follow the story with such accuracy :)

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