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Thursday, December 1, 1977
Psalm 35
Day 14

Got up medium. Dressed. Mom+Pop fussed - because the water went off. The water came on. Pops made hush puppies. Ate. Then pops dressed and left for his interview at Sarah Lawrence college. We snacked, I crocheted and drew. Then later ate salad and cooked. Ate dinner. It's about 7:45. Mom told us a story. I told a story. Rested. At 10:00pm Pops came back, not too pleased that we were up. Put on pj's, got in bag. Thank you, Mr. O.

We ate:
  • Breakfast: Aunt Jemima's corn meal mix hush puppies+honey, 1 cup honey tea
  • Lunch: Carrot strips, celery stix, mustard
  • Dinner: lettuce+celery+carrot salad with mustard+honey+garlic+herbs dressing, egg noodles+macaroni, vegetarian beans +carrot+potato+tomato paste+1 poached egg sauce.

Friday, December 2, 1977
Psalm 36
Day 15

Got up medium. Dressed. Ate breakfast. Worked on "Nubbin." Then all four of us went walking. We went to Mom+Pops old friends, the A_'s. We played with their grand-children and met their daughters. Then went shopping, had a free sample. Came back.

I ate:
  • Breakfast: 1 bowl grits+egg+pepper
  • Lunch: pnuts, 1 beef hotdog,+mustard, 1/2 biscuit, 3 shaved beef+cracker snacks
  • Dinner:
Saturday, December 3, 1977
Psalm 37
Day 16

Got up medium. Dressed. Had Sabbath School. Then Mom cooked. We ate. Rested.

I hear Poppy's been reading my blog. The other day--Saturday--when I called to talk to Bigbear, Poppy was wistfully remarking in the background that we never used to cook on the Sabbath. Poppy is quietly disappointed that we (the Professor and I) don't keep Sabbath as strictly as we used to, but to give him credit he just rolls with the flow. He's very forgiving and tolerant of us--not as all rigid as one would think. Well, about certain things. Bigbear was saying that back then we had the luxury of being more pious. If we lived in a community where everyone worked together and helped each other out and nobody cooked on the Sabbath, we too, wouldn't cook on the Sabbath. But given the economy and the way things work in the everyday world, it wasn't practical. Or something like that.

They made me laugh.. but they both had a point. I reminded them though, that in Jamaica we didn't cook on the Sabbath, because it WAS work; we had to lay a fire, maintain the fire, schlep food back and forth from the kitchen to the firepit, and it was hot, laborious work. But once we got here, we did cook on the Sabbath, mainly cuz it was too damn cold not too.

Sunday, December 4, 1977
Psalm 38
Day 17

I didn't write anything... and the weekly summary only says "A good week".

I'll continue to catch up later on... just in case someone cares. Actually... it doesn't matter if anyone cares. Reliving this has been interesting for me.

When I get to the end, I wonder how I'll feel?


BigBear said…
BigBear is so proud of her cub, the store is outrageous, I want one of everything and you know I am a discriminating shopper. The Calender is wonderful, I want a few, 1 for me and for a gift..hey, do you do appointment books??? I also want the prints, but don't know if I have wall space....

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