Mondays Suck

Even when you're not working. Actually, Sunday sucks. At least for me. I always feel like I'm running out of time. And if I run out of time on Sunday, it screws up Monday. And the rest of the week falls like dominoes.

Saturday we went to the book fair. I'll post a picture in a little while. We had fun... most of the school turned out, as well as freinds and family. I meant to take Treo video of the percussion performance, but they were so good I completely forgot.

Afterwards, I spent money I didn't have on books... but I got some cool books. I love books on graphic design.

Shoefly, who had come down with the Moon and a freind "EnergizerBunny" from WAY back when we were all single and she was the only one with a kid, came down with her two kids. They missed the kids playing, which I was a little bummed about. But then afterwards Shoefly was hell bent on getting to Dylan's Candy Bar.

Now, don't get me wrong... it's a cute place. Bright lights, a catchy soundrack playing in the background (all kinds of songs from all genre's of music that have to deal with candy or sugar or chocolate), cute T-shirts (I LOVE t-shirts) but in my opionion.... way way WAY overpriced. And not at all unique. The same crap you can buy at the big Toys R Us in Times Square, but at what seems like twice the price. And Toys R Us is more fun, in my opinion because there are at least toys. And it's not as crowded with overindulged yuppie children wearing $100+ shoes. What small child needs $100 shoes when they will last all of a few months??? I, being unemployed and watching the budget ovah heah, was mildly annoyed.

But anyway.

When we got home later that evening, I made sure the Sun called his dad, so that he could tell his dad how the performance went, and that indeed, he did hang out with his friends. His father's response was "I don't care." No, really. He said that to a young child. So when the Sun didn't want to call him on Sunday I didn't force the issue. Screw him.

Last night, when the Sun spoke to his father, he asked if the Sun wanted to "ever" have his dad come to the Big Apple again. The Sun said yes... but later was asking me how to spell various things. He was apparently trying to text his father that no, in fact, he *didn't* want him to come back, ever. Luckily, the Sun doesn't spell well at all, and lost the text several times. This prompted a discussion that although he's upset now, he won't always be, and there will be times when he enjoys his company. I told him not to burn his bridges with his dad just yet. I told him it wasn't worth it to take him on. The Sun seemed to want to spoil for a fight, but I think it's just youthful machismo. I also told him that while I had my own issues with his father, I only told him to things to explain the larger picture, and not to have him take sides, so that he shouldn't take my feelings as his feelings. He pretty much said he has his own feelings (the other night he said to me that his father yelled at him way before I told him how he would yell at me... which is true), but he backed off the text message. *whew*.

Yesterday I got involved in family bullshit for which I'm really sorry I did. It's why I selfishly make a policy to not get involved in family bullshit and keep my peace out on the rock far away from everyone, as much as I love them. But that's all I'm going to say about that.

So now it's Tuesday. I'm thoroughly annoyed by life and issues and people and the lack of funds, and since I have the time there's all these freaking things I'd really like to attend to... and I've accomplished nothing. Well, coupla things... I filed my forms so my medical expenses will be reimbursed from my former job's FSA (whew! Thank God or I wouldn't be able to pay the bills--freaking medication co-pays are a BITCH. Why do we even HAVE health insurance????) as well as my Transportation FSA (whew! Thank God or I wouldn't be able to buy my Metrocard for next month). I found out that my Private Student loans are FINALLY... after two months of trying to navigate the stupid process on their way to being consolidated.

So lets talk about Heroes, shall we? I still haven't processed a lot of it. The genius who leaked "Exodus" was giving us a snow job, eh? But I still love that Adam really wanted to be a god. And I LOVE what Hiro did to him. I like Hiro. I love that he's slowly growing. True, as the Fat Lady pointed out, he may not get to be cool FutureHiro since the bomb *didn't* go off... but he's still maturing. And even though he tends to err on the side of caution instead of rushing right in the way Peter does, he accomplishes what needs to be accomplished. I wonder if Adam is gone for good. I did think it was a little lame that they didn't SHOW Hiro get Adam into the coffin... I would have LOVED to see Hiro get into a little action...

HRG IS BACK, BABY! And now that he's let his family go--at least for now... how dark will he get? To attempt an assassination of Petrelli (shades of the Kennedy's, eh?) was pretty dark. And Sylar. Oh, not good. But Wait! Maya survived! And she's PISSED OFF!!!! AND.... she can control her power. You see, the quiet ones... don't sleep on the quiet ones!!!!

I wonder too, if Nicky is really gone. She had no powers. Truth be told she was wimpy without powers. But I wonder (without having done any spoiler-searching) if she can survive... if the company only THINKS they can control powers with the virus? People with multiple personalities, for example, can learn to live with and control when the personalities appear... but the personalities don't ever quite go away. So maybe.... maybe under duress someone else will emerge and get her out of there? And if not... will losing both his parents piss Micah off?

Well, there'll be more when I'm home and surfing all my Heroes links, but right now I'm killing time in the Sun's school, and need to run a few errands until it's time to pick him up, so off I go...


Jacqueline said…
love the Heroes talk, of course. I'm thinking that although Nikikah and Nathan "fell", does that really mean they're gone or dead? If Peter uses his head, he can use *his own blood* to bring back his brother. Wouldn't it be great if they tracked down Claire and worked together again? Love Hiro. Love Peter. Love Nathan and as Legolas pointed out, Nathan is the only one who can *reach* Peter. And they JUST were reunited. Nathan can't die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, too, wondered how Hiro did that to Adam/Kensei. And I wonder what HRG will be doing now for the company that I call "The Centre" a la the series, The Pretender. Wouldn't Claire want to track him down? Please post more as you search the Heroes links... I don't always have the time to do that... so "Villains" is next... and who are the villains exactly? The Centre, and Sylar... I think Hiro is still angry at Peter... they have to hook up and reunite in a positive way...
Fat Lady said…
Yes, Monday's do suck.

Saturday was a blast. And I know there had to have been a lot of money raised because that place was PACKED and there were tons of people shopping afterwards. I spent way too much and didn't buy a thing for myself - it was all on the girls.

I really don't like Dylan's Candy Bar. I've been there twice now and if there's one thing that shouldn't be ridiculously pretentious it's candy. That place really annoys me. And last time we were there, Sugar and a friend's daughter were thirsty so we got lemonade that was the nastiest, most sickeningly sweet glop I've ever tasted - though surprisingly not so overpriced.

TF is a jerk. Plain and simple. Telling the Sun he didn't care how his performance went is just so unacceptable. What an ass!

I think the Sun is entitled to vent some rage directly at his dad. I know you want to keep things from getting out of hand and only you know how out of hand they could get if the Sun fights back. But, the Sun is going to have his feelings at how that man acts and he needs to express them - even if it means lashing out and saying he doesn't want to see him ever again.

And a REAL parent knows that when their kid says "I never want to see you again," or "I hate you," that it's not a forever thing. TF needs to hear the Sun's feelings, no matter how fleeting or hot-headed, directly from the Sun and learn to deal. And if he can't deal, well, the Sun is going to learn how to deal with that.

The Sun has crossed that threshold and there's no turning back. From now on for the rest of his life, he will only see his father clearer and clearer, more and more for who he really is.

As we've talked about, something happens at 8yo, it's the age at which you really start to see the world more realistically. The age at which you notice and think about the bad as well as the good. And when you have a crazy parent, it's the age at which you start looking for ways to deal with them - and start reacting to them - seeing how far you can push, where you can pull back, what you can and can't avoid. It's a dance the Sun is going to go through, and even though you'll be able to see from a distance when he's going to get his toes stepped on, you're frequently not going to be able to stop it from happening - especially when he's determined to stick those toes right under TF's foot.

But at least you'll be there to rub his toes for him.

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