The Neverending Story

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> From: tf
> Subject: [The Sun]
> Sent: Dec 05 '07 4:35am
> First things first, I have thought about The Sun's Grandfather's name to
> replaced his other grandfather's name but you didn't explain much about his
> relationship with your mother ,all you said it was strained. It is great
> that the Sun got to meet him and spend time with him but I don't agree to
> giving my son a name for a man who turned his back to his own child. It's
> great that he had some great success in his life but if he didn't care
> enough to be a good father then his achievements weren't that great. I want
> to just remove his grandfather's name because of the reasons i shared with
> you ,because the Sun deserves better. i can send you a copy of the name
> change form and if you agree ,sign it and i will send it in and request 2
> copies of his new certificates.
> I have other thoughts i was going to share but it's late and i'll e-mail
> you another time.

With all due respect, my mother's relationship with her own father is her own business. However, in his later years they did do much to repair it, and as I said previously, we went out to see him several times before he died. We all enjoyed our visits very much.

But ultimately, the relationship in question is between the Sun and his great-grandfather. I can assure you I did not suggest the name to him, it was the Sun's idea entirely and I wish that you would respect your son's wishes. Although he is eight years old and cannot make all of his own decisions, he has a very strong mind and I feel that he is capable and entitled to make this decision. In fact, the reason the judge granted the visit to California is because when she interviewed the Sun personally, without me there, she was impressed with his thoughtfulness and the fact that he is able to be firm about what he wants. I wish that you could do the same.

The only way I will agree to changing his name on the birth certificate is if the Sun gets to choose his name. And this is the name he chose.

I swear. Need I say more?




professor said…
he's just happy to be in contact with you again...and why the hell would you do all this and send it to him to send in from cali to NY...and who wants him to have copies of the birth certificate...on many levels I have issues with this, and as you know there are reasons behind his actions (he really thinks hes smarter than you...haha)...I know you won't go along with it, so just ignore it and move forward...
if he were such a concerned parent he would sign the visitation order...I say let sun text him that know I would if it were me..."go ahead baby, say what you feel" have custody so fuck him...parent alienation, yup, you are so right, watch me alienate you...I got what I want now SCREW YOU YOU DUMB FUCK...oh sorry, I was thinking of my piece of shit...
Fat Lady said…
I am continually amazed by the restraint you are capable of. I don't think I could have resisted saying, "How dare you ask me to sign anything when you still haven't signed the visitation agreement you giant, putrescent lump of crap!"

But I guess that probably wouldn't be the most effective way to communicate, huh?
The Bear Maiden said…

I can't even do or say anything else, but laugh.

On top of that, and with 1.5 hours of sleep I got word that he hasn't signed yet cuz he wants another two things, one he won't get and one he had all along. I told Lawyer I'm about 98% out of patience, now...
Regina said…
ok let me guess..

Thing he won't get - A CLUE!
Thing he had all along - An ATTITUDE!
So he needs that in writing?

!^%#@*$ bottom feeder that he is.
Carrie said…
I think the Professor nailed it -- he's sucking you back in. This is a way for him to communicate with you. I'd try to drop it, and let the Sun do the communicating, and you don't sign anything if you don't agree to it, but don't worry about justifying it.

Because it's not the name. It's TF's battle....

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