The Neverending Story Part Deux

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No problem.

I meant to blindcopy Lawyer but instead I sent it to her as well.

My bad. I guess this means our friendship won't be rekindled.

Hey listen people. Word of advice. Should you ever find yourself knocked up by a crazy person (hey, it can happen... it's why they tell you you shouldn't drink and drive) do NOT, I repeat, do NOT encourage him to acknowledge paternity. Just let him be. "Bastard Child" does not carry the same stigma these days as it did back then. It will be OK. Your child will not be "fatherless" or considered a "Love Child, Never meant to be." You'll save yourself YEARS of torture and you will never be asked "Why did you pick him to be my father?"

Or maybe I'm just overreacting.


Ros said…
Or, given alternate routes to parenthood, if you should find your crazy same-gender partner wanting to do a second-parent adoption, just say NO.

Oops, are we jaded?
Jacqueline said…
doesn't sound jaded to me. Sounds practical and real.
Janet said…
Yep. Real life. This is it in all its glory.

Rather like, if you've already succeeded in surviving having one child with said crazy person, DO NOT get drunk and sleep with him one time in the 3 years you've had separate bedrooms and get pregnant again.

I echo..."why did you ever marry him in the first place?"

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