"It's The End of The World As We Know It...

and I feel fine...."

Well, sorta.

So, they're here. Much stomping and bringing in of bags, and the TinyOne running back and forth and screeching.

But we got TinyOne fed and bathed, and his Mama put him down for sleep, and we washed a load of underwear. The Sun had a bit of a time falling asleep but he did. I gave the Diva a Zyrtec right away; new dust always sets off allergies which sets off asthma under stress and we don't have time for all that. I even got stuffy, as I do when I'm stressed out. I had to kick the Professor out cuz she felt bad for leaving the Diva who was mad and crying and not really wanting to be here, having had to leave SlugBoy behind. But oh well.

Nene was having computer troubles and kept calling but I appreciated the calls cuz he'd ask me how I was doing and at least I could pretend he cared.

It'll be OK, I guess. I have to figure out where to put shit; I'm already tripping over crap as it is but we'll figure it out.

The Diva went to bed. I have to put away my laundry and then I'll go to bed... maybe.


T. said…
just had to give you props on the naruto obsession. that show's like crack.

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