Shameless Plug.... New Product To My Store.

OK, folks. The Hustle is on. Shit's about to get critical. I have six weeks of unemployment left. And, I knew it was coming but it smacked me in the ass yesterday... as of this second, TF is one payment in arrears in child support. Now, I'm understanding. I am. As much as I have issues with TF, I'm assuming he's on disability which means he's hurt... cuz one thing he's not is lazy. And, I'm not not one of those money-hungry chicks who uses child support to drive around in fancy cars or buy bling. My needs are much more simple than that, and it's called "rent".

So any man who bitches about paying child support, know that there are women (and I daresay most of us) who actually use child support for what it's for... supporting your child.

And women... you know what this is like.

So buy a poster. Please.

And if you know me in real life, I'll even sign it for you when you get it. Cuz I'm gonna be famous one day, I swear.

Peace out!

Off to do more hustling!


u already famous to me and get that hustle on folk
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. Thank you darlin'.
Ros said…
But will you sign my hoodie too? I sent the link to your store out to a bunch of my friends. :-)

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