Livin' La Vida Low Budget....

(5/25/08 don't know why I didn't publish this before.... usually I don't backtrack but what the hell....)

Nuthin' much going on. I woke up Saturday morning so unbelievably stiff that I knew if I didn't go work out I'd never go back... the Sun was tired (we'd been singing karaoke at his school the night before. Had a great time though the night ended with one of our babies running in the auditorium, slipped and knocked his nose/mouth on the side of an auditorium chair. Blood everywhere.) and was dragging and didn't really want to go. I told him well he could choose to work out or not, but I HAD to.

Today the grassroots people were attempting an economic boycott in protest of the Sean Bell verdict, and I broke it right away with a $28 cab ride to Yonkers. I couldn't face the bus. But if it helps any, the cab driver was an old West Indian dude who probably needed the money else why would he be driving a cab? But I felt a little guilty.

The workout hurt but the stiffness left my legs and I'm glad I did it...

There was a small pow wow in Inwood Hill Park, and BigSensei's wife, who is Taino, wanted to check it out, so between the break at the end of class and another parent meeting, we all piled in BigSensei's car and went down there. The Sun bumped into a classmate of his, who is Taino and Tlingit (I think) which was the coolest thing for both of them. They ran around in the grass like puppies, tumbling over each other, and I had to go back to the dojo with the Senseis for the parent meeting (cuz they appointed my VP of the Parents Association--go figure). BigBear and the Professor were moments away, so I left the Sun there.

The parent meeting consisted of a raffle and not many parents showed up so everyone was a tad annoyed. Afterwards, I went back to the pow wow to meet up with the family, and they drove me home.

Woo hoo! Exciting day!

Overall, I'm a little schlumpy-feeling.


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