I Have A Headache

The final visitation order states that TF will visit with the Sun from 7/19-8/2. I had "waived" my request for 7/22 this year, because he bitched about it at one of the last court dates. I was forced into showing that I could negotiate.

The paragraph before the one that gives the specific 2008 dates vaguely states that
-Father is to have parenting time with his child every summer for 2 weeks on 60 days notice to the mother. If the father can get additional time off from his job he may extend visits for an additional week.
This was because TF felt he "deserved" another week since the Sun didn't want to come to CA for the midwinter break. I'm too tired to go into all the arguments as to why this wasn't fair or logical, but regardless, the judge wrote into the order that if he could get three weeks off, he could have the Sun for 3 weeks. Never mind the fact that neither of them has spent more than an entire week with each other.

This morning, 6AM California time, he texts me:

TF: I am 2 have The Sun from july 19 till august 16. Just letting u know
Me: You are to have him for 2 weeks, 3 if u get the time off. But he has camp.
Me: The order says 7/19 - 8/2. he goes to camp the next week.
TF: I am getting the time off. So, he will be returned on August 16.
TF: 3 weeks !
Me: The order say 7/19-8/2 for Ca in 2008. U can be here if u ant the next week
Me: The order says 7/19-8/2 in 2008. 2 weeks.
TF: I'll stay at your house
Me: Fine
Me: But it will be 2 weeks in C a this year.
TF: Will i be sleeping in The Sun's room or the coach ?
Me: 2 weeks in Ca in 2008.
Me: And a full travel plan in writing 2 weeks before.
TF: I have always given you to much credit.
TF: Send a flyer of the camp and #. Also a copy of the dates you signed him up for

By the way, I know that 7/19-8/16 is four weeks, not three. Just like I know he knew.

I briefly wondered what would happen if I sent an email or a text that said
"I love you and miss you. Please lets get back together."
"You must really love me and miss me and want my attention."
but decided he might take me up on the first one and then I would have to kill myself, or the second one would piss him off royally and then he'd push me to kill him.

So I decided against sending either one.

Instead I sent Lawyer an email, not that she has anything to do with this anymore, entitled "sharing the love".

And now, 6 years, 2 judges, 4 law guardians and 4 lawyers later, I still have to deal with this shit by myself.


Regina said…
Is the red couch still on the balcony? Let him sleep there... maybe he will roll in his sleep?

So sorry the saga continues as before.
Nina said…
First, I know you were being facetious when you "agreed" to his bright "idea" of where he would stay in NY. How on earth could he possibly think you would allow him to stay with you, in your own home? He is totally insane.

Second, I am ROFLOL at your scenario(s), OMG that is so funny! And if (as if) there were a remote chance he would stay at your place, Regina's scenario would be ideal. Cos I'm pretty sure any railing on the balcony would most likely be in a less-than-optimal condition, shall we say.
sgrambled said…
Just read all of May, boy have I been out of it.

(Thanks for linking to the list again -at work I don't have the list blogger addy's.)

I shake my head and sigh. And sigh.
Head of the RBB, Bekah said…
Do you really want to know what Eli said? He put it nicely in Eli-ese. Is THAT MAN a product of American schools? It sure sounds like it. He can't get the time off for a month. I don't know anyone who will allow an idiot of his magnitude to keep a job, much less allow him to have this much time off at ONE TIME. If you allow him to sleep on the balcony, how hard would it be to push him over once he's out cold? You didn't do it. You were sound asleep when it happened and didn't think to look the next morning. Make sure that you take anything of value (at a pawn shop) and his ID so he can't be identified. But the judge didn't say that he could spend the night/time at your house. He has to provide for his own place to sleep. Are there any expensive hotels or even better for him (but not the Sun) roach motels close to him. The roaches might carry him off after listening to him rant and rave about you. You did win, but he has 2 weeks with the Sun, July 19-August 2. That will get the Sun back in time for school. If that was here, he couldn't keep the Sun until August 16 since school starts much earlier. Oh, well. You can't have it all. You won and it's pissing him off so bad. You can see it in the discussion. WHAT AN IFKALP!!!! Sure that Sidney's description of her sea cucumber doesn't fit him as well?

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