Another Little Tidbit

... that happened in court on Friday was that the judge asked TF why he'd moved to CA.

"Well, because, I was frustrated, and I didn't like the supervised visits." But why did you move? she asked again. "Well, because I was stressed." In other words, it was a choice, you didn't HAVE to move, did you? "No."

And why were the visits supervised? "I don't know." You have NO idea why the visits were supervised? "No."

At which point the LG and my lawyer both interrupted that at the time, there was in fact, an order of protection in place.

Oh, so you DO know why the visits were supervised? "Uhm, yeah." And rather than try to work it out, and get MORE time with your Sun, you just left and went to California? "Well, I was stressed."

That was the one extraordinarily amusing part of the whole wretched day. Particularly since I'm sure it's why the judge ordered pickups and drop-offs at the neutral place I requested.

Today (well, yesterday, now) TF had the Sun call and say they were coming to the Rock to drop off his stuff, since he had school tomorrow. I said no. I wasn't home. The Sun relayed that they would come and leave his suitcase on Shoefly's porch. Now mind you, I had gotten into a discussion with my lawyer about when I would want the Sun to come home from a visit on a school night... the night before. So that I could pack his bag, make sure he had all his stuff, and not have him lug a whole bunch of crap to school. Lawyer said the judge and GAL would probably argue that he should take the kid to school. And I argued back that here again are people claiming to have the best interest of the child at heart, but yet aren't making decisions based on the actual life of the child in question.

I said you know what? I feel, again, like the mother in the story of King Solomon trying to judge between two women laying claim to the same boy. So I won't argue. If they push for TF to take the kid to school in the morning, and they feel it's in the kids best interest to lug a suitcase up 5 flights of stairs, then fuck it. So be it. Lawyer then asked if I would mind picking up stuff from them the night before. I'd said no... but I was skeptical. She asked if we wrote it in, would it make a difference--would I feel more confident. "A little" I'd said.

I told the Sun that Shoefly wasn't home (we were both sitting in her neighbor's backyard). The Sun relayed that TF would just leave it on the inside of the door (which isn't a big deal out here... it's a pretty safe neighborhood).

But about a half hour later I get a text that the highway is all backed up (uh, DUH!) and that since I'd wanted the address of the hotel they were staying in (um, it's my right to know) that he would leave the suitcase at the front desk.

I guess he thought I'd freak out and try to get it.

I texted back, very nicely, that traffic on the Rock was tough as well, and that he should please bring the suitcase to school and leave it with security. I didn't get back an answer.

The Sun's a little stressed but I told him don't worry... just make sure you put your phone charger in your bag.

Cuz if TF does, in fact, leave the Sun's suitcase in the motel, there it will stay. I'm not going up to get it, and will simply replace the clothes that are lost...

so lets hope he does the smart thing, and brings the suitcase to school security.


Jacqueline said…
please tell me this man [for lack of better descriptive word] is returning to CA SOON!!!!
The Bear Maiden said…
He should be boarding a plane in the next two hours. Me and my Sun are on the schoolbus, on our way on a class trip to MoMA. My Sun keeps staring at me and saying how glad he is to see me, but he says the rest of the weekend went well. He keeps yawning, tho. He says they got to school at 6:41 AM, and sat in the car until school opened.
Fat Lady said…
WTF?!?! 6:41 AM? What was he thinking?

Clearly the dude is both crazy and stupid!

Enjoy the MOMA! We went last week and had a blast. And you guys get to go to the 5th floor where the really cool stuff is.

I think as soon as percussion is over I'm going to start grabbing Sugar on Friday afternoons (when admission is free) and going over there.
The Bear Maiden said…
His fundamental problem is he doesn't plan well... so I know it was to avoid traffic, and thinking that they were all the way up in Westchester, and I guess he's used to CA traffic. But all he had to do was ask... and if he didn't want to talk to me he could have asked Shoefly... but he just won't stop being on the defensive...

MoMA rocked. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Natalie said…
Unbelievable! Well, except that of course, I believe it...but...just... wow.

Whenever I read TF, I always insert the appropriate words. It makes me feel better, too.

PVs, my friend, although it seems like you need something a whole lot stronger.

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