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...I can bitch about shit like this (I sent a modified version of this post to my lawyer):

  1. I can probably count on one hand, or maybe one and a few fingers, how many times I have ACTUALLY gone out in the last year. I mean out, out, with adults. And were any of my dear readers obsessed with my personal life enough to sort through this blog, you'd know this to be true, since you all know I write about most everything. Mostly.

  2. When I do go out, 98% of the time I arrange to have the Sun spend the night... and it's ALWAYS with one of the following three people; a.) my friend Shoefly who lives down the street and who's son is the Moon, b.) my mom, c.) my sister.

  3. There are many times when the Sun sleeps over at the Moon's where I actually DON'T go out... use the opportunity to sleep on the couch/attempt to watch a movie, or clean, or do work. ONCE in a blue moon I may have company but truly that's rare. Too rare if you ask me, but whatever.

  4. It just so happened that yesterday, the Sun was to perform with his percussion ensemble down the street from BigBear's apartment, but we missed it due to miscommunication/ circumstances beyond our control and so once we were down there, we hung out with his school friends and my mom. I was extremely annoyed we missed the performance, and was in no mood to simply turn right back around and make the trek back to the Rock.

  5. At about 6P, the Professor came down and we decided, on the fly, to go down to Union Square with LilacBlue (who by happenstance was childless yesterday) and MoodMagicBarbie.

  6. We got down to Union Square about 7:30P, decided against a movie cuz the early shows were all sold out (LilacBlue and I have a plan to re-see "IronMan" sans children/with Tequila), had dinner at a Thai place on Third, stopped in Trader Joe's and PetCo. Neither LilacBlue nor MMB (who are very much alike, turns out) liked their Thai food, so my LilacBlue and I ducked into Heartland Brewery for a shot of Jaeger and some chicken fingers (her) and a margarita (me), and met the Professor and MMB at McDonald's (so MMB could have a salad or something) at about 10:45P, walked to the #3 train on 14th, and came back uptown.

  7. We joked that the Sun would still be up, waiting, which he was. I picked him up at 11:15P, we walked over to Park Avenue and got a cab back to the Rock (spending $30 I truly don't have... but it was way too late for the subway and would have taken WAY too long for a tired little boy). (I was delighted to get a call on my cell as I was coming up out of the subway. Kinda funny, considering there's no relationship, that I was "a punk" for being "out". Men are retarded.)

  8. The Sun was in bed, asleep, by midnight, or about 5 after. He was too tired to bathe, so he merely brushed his teeth and washed his face and hands. He had a great time watching the "Indiana Jones" series with Poppy, but hadn't wanted to spend the night because we hadn't planned it in advance.
About 3P in the morning (I fell asleep at the computer, and woke up) I got the following email:
"I spoke with [the Sun] tonight at around 10pm and he was at your mother's house waiting for you and this isn't the first time he's waited for you. Your life is your business but when [the Sun] is sitting around waiting for you at 10 o'clock at night at someone else's home ,it becomes mine.If you go out just set up a sleep over for him. i have tried to talk to you about [the Sun]'s sleeping habits forever, I've sent you information about sleeping for kids but you don't want to hear it. For [the Sun], just set up the sleep over."
I did some growling and cursing under my breath, forwarded it to Lawyer to "share the love" and went to bed.

This morning, about 11A NYtime (8A LAtime), TF called the Sun, to inquire how he was, if he was "allright". The Sun reported that his father thought he might be "upset" and the Sun told him he was merely tired when TF had called him last night. I'm sure he was also in the middle of watching the movie, which the Sun may or may not have explained to him. I refrained (it was hard, though) from saying "Your father is an asshole" and said "You know that with your dad their are always two sides to every story, right?" and he said "I know".

Bigbear said she almost told the Sun to tell his father that he WAS spending the night... but the thing is, here we are debating on whether or not to "lie"... because all the adults involved know that TF is going to turn things around. And yet, we always decide not to, so as not to make the Sun think he has to "cover" for us--for any reason--to avoid conflict with his father. And I end up absorbing all this shit, because what else I can I do? Except vomit it all out on my blog.

why can't he just disappear?

I wrote Lawyer the "gory/bory details" because I said, if it comes up, it will be interesting to see his version...

why can't he just disappear?


Ummm...Saturday night? You're right he'll find anything to harp on. You should tell him about my kids sleeping habits!

But seriously it was SATURDAY!!! We had a kid over last night whose parents are way anal about bedtime but they didn't harp about him going to bed at midnight because it was the WEEKEND!

((()Hugs))))Cause with this guy you need some. And I still think I need to kick his arse.
The Bear Maiden said…
Not only that, but he wasn't "at someone's house"; he was at his GRANDPARENTS house.

I do need to kick his arse. It's why I'm training, so one day he'll come to see the Sun at a tournament, and I'll be at the same tournament kicking some female's arse, and he'll know that I could actually kick his.

See, there's always a plan :)

Thanks for the hugs. Please send some more my way Friday morning about 10AM.
Fat Lady said…
I SO don't understand people like him. You would think by now that he'd have SOMETHING better to do with his life than think of ways to mess with you.

That he thinks that a child hanging out at his GRANDPARENTS house on a Saturday night until 10pm is something worth harassing you about is just completely ludicrous.

And it's a sign that he's just grasping at straws. He wants to get to you, wants you to pay attention to him and it drives him crazy that you won't play along.

Just keep ignoring him and forwarding his crap to the lawyer. Maybe, eventually, the lawyer, the judge and all will start to see what a small, petty, imbecile he is.

And if his idiocy makes you doubt yourself in anyway - know that my girls will be with their grandparents until at least 11pm on Wednesday night while the Bull and I go see a play. And that's a SCHOOL night - not a weekend night.

Big cyber hugs - since you don't like real ones!

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