The ReTake

So despite various occurences which shall (hopefully, given my recent trackrecord--which I HATE, by the way) be gone over lately, Poppy's re-shoot took place Sunday. I took like 50-something pictures, and after going over all of them (I'll upload them to flickr later) I picked the ones I liked best for various reasons... the light was good, his facial expression was good, no camera shake, etc.

And I cleaned them up and made a contact sheet. So this is a very quick poll, cuz like tomorrow I want to send one off. Which one do you like? (Top row: a, b, c, bottom row, d, e, f)

Vote over on the right, there. I set up a quick poll, which will close tomorrow evening.

Thanks, people!!!! Oh, and spread the word.


2sweetnsaxy said…
My first time to your blog. I like it! :-) I'm voting on the pic. Thought I think your choice depends on where it will be seen, I like the top middle picture because it looks like he's slightly leaning into the camera with a smile that makes it very personable.

I'm off to read more of your posts.
professor said…
me and wildfire agree to B
SewPaula said…

Of course, I'd like to see a poll of your original pic and the one that wins this poll.
Regina said…
I like the lighting on A, but the facial expression on B... the shadow is just a bit harsh for me though.

will do the poll also
Fat Lady said…
I prefer B, D and F to A, C and E. I'm not fond of the pastel yellow on Poppy. Somehow bolder or darker colors seem to fit him better. The light blue shirt is less drastic than the pale yellow to me. I see that darker yellow shirt underneath and wish you had some shots with just that shirt.

I would probably like C quite a bit if he had a different shirt because that one has the facial expression I like the best.

As for the 3 I like - the blue shirt ones - I'm torn. I like his expression in B, but I don't like that his sleeves are down. Poppy has great forearms and hands and the bracelets he wears accentuates that. So I like the pictures that show off his arms, hands and bracelets.

D Does that - but I'm not crazy about his body position in that picture. His body language looks defensive - like he's protecting himself or doesn't want to be there. I would be tempted to crop that picture really close, so that you can't see the position of his body as well.

So that leaves F. At first I didn't like it because it seemed too obviously scholarly, "thinking man" kind of a picture. But then as I look at it more I like it. It almost seems, from Poppy's expression, that he might be poking fun at precisely the kind of image that the picture invokes. Like he's saying, "Ha, Ha, look at me being such the intellectual."

No of course you know I can't give a simple answer to anything - and I have a chronic disorder of always reading all kinds of emotions, thoughts, whole stories into pretty much any image (or even person I pass on the street) So, obviously, I could be reading all kinds of things into these pictures that absolutely no one else would see.

One last thing - one of the things that is appealing about B is that it's cropped closely. I just went and looked at some of the other shots cropped tighter and I actually like ALL of them much better that way. In fact, despite the lack of forearms and pastel yellow - C and E become front runners for me when cropped tighter. So, now my favorites are F and C.

Oh, I should just never even answer questions like this.
Dr. Donna said…
I like C the best from a lighting standpoint...
the shadows are too much in B and D
F is a bit shadowed, but doesn't obscure his eyes as much as the others.

I too like the blue shirt.

decisions, decisions...
(this is why I never get my picture taken!)
Dr. Donna
The Bear Maiden said…
Since the majority leaned with my favorite, B, that's the one I'm sending. But I'll send an alternate, maybe C. But Fat Lady, the point of C and E was the background; the previous "press picture" he had was something similar but in black and white against a barn door. So it was the angles and rays we were going for, and to crop it closer would defeat the purpose and just be a lot of yellow. I agree with you about his forearms, though, and I kept saying "Poppy, pull up your sleeves. Matter of fact, roll UP your sleeves" which of course was met with resistance. The Diva wasn't there to "style", you see... so the wardrobe choices were ENTIRELY his. I'm lucky he brought another shirt to try. And you're right about the pose in F... he had a whole history about each pose and who posed which way. Which is another reason I like B because he was just being amused at that point. I actually had Bigbear come outside to harass him.

Thanks for you all's help! That was fun!
Bonnie said…
I know you need just one photo, but I like the contact sheet as a whole! Many aspects of one person and all... You should consider saving that too.
Nina said…
I'm sorry, my timing is totally off! I missed the poll. :(

But I agree with B as first choice. The thing about C and E is that there is too much space overhead in relation to the rest of him in the photo. You would have to pull out and show more of Poppy in the photo for me to like it better. Which, I know, is your main concern, LOL.

I thought the shirt was white. And yep, B looks more natural, less posed, and letting us in a little more. I wonder if the appeal is that, from our vantage point, he looks more interested in *us*? :)

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