Random Thoughts On The Day's Events

... in no particular order of importance

  • I like that David Patterson dude... he was polite, funny, gentle, empathetic, and NICE. Oh, and Black. Just kidding, Geraldine. But the thing is... had he run for office, would he have been elected? I betcha not. In political races it seems nice guys DO tend to finish last. Except when they're "Black." Then apparently, they just get to the finish line cuz they are a novelty act.

  • The whole Spitzer thing... now granted, I laughed my ass off when the news first broke. I mean, really what a thing to get caught doing! Trafficking prostitutes across State lines! It brings up all kinds of questions... uh, why? Would this particular girl "do" certain things? Was this particular escort service um, known for a specialty? Or was he just a creature of habit? And why "Client 9". Out of how many? And do I really want to know? The thing is... you know, not really. Again, granted, what a thing to be busted for, but on the other hand... it's not like he was having an affair... or a bootie call or whatever under his desk in the office. It's not like he was plying a mistress with gifts and perks while his wife stayed home. Whatever he was doing (and ew, I don't want to know, really) he was doing on his own leisure time... AWAY from home (at least that particular time), supposedly so far with his own money, right? NOT THAT I CONDONE IT! He was the governor, for cryin' out loud. He should have some decorum, some common sense. But it strikes me as a tad unfair that he has quite possibly lost EVERYTHING... while SlutQueen's music career just got launched (local radio station found/downloaded her song/been playing it ALL DAY and she's going to be rich, beeatch).

  • And what compels the news media to stalk her, find out her name and where she lives, and announce it to the whole wide world, thus costing the taxpayers to pay for police protection??? Cuz you know some crazy person is going to be sending her death threats or will stalk her.

  • I've said it before, wrote about it, got responses, mulled over it, talked about it, mulled it over some more and I'll say it again: Men my age who are single are really full of shit. Really.

  • Dammitohell, that Nene is really freakin' hot. Fresh haircut today *sigh*. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. How many, Professor, to break an obsession? Cuz it's been about 28, give or take, and well... it's still there. I tried to kill it but it's still there. It doesn't help that men my age who are single are full of shit. It's gonna be a long next coupla days...
  • I'm addicted to that corny-ass "Lipstick Jungle". Guess why?

  • All of a sudden, I got to finish a job for my former employer, and I have prospects for other things. Nothing's "broken" yet... but it needs to cuz I have a BAD feeling that TF is unemployed. We finally got a text from him, telling me to tell the Sun he'd call him "soon". So it means he's not in jail, cuz then he wouldn't have his phone would he? But something BIG has happened to him. I hope it's that he knocked somebody up, maybe got married (eh, I'd bet on the former before the latter). It would be LONG overdue. I'd much rather it be something like that than that he lost his job. No, I'm not living off his child support (I wish I were) but it helps, dammit, and if he's unemployed then I won't be getting child support and I'm going to HAVE to work full time. In a hurry. Which sucks.

  • The Sun got flag patches to put on his Gi. One of them is the Albanian flag. He wears the Red and the Black proudly. I've noticed, too, that lately he has a definite "thing" for red and black. His dad had gotten him a coat that's red, black and white when he was here, and the Sun loves it. I ordered sneakers for him today from Piperlime (cuz they'll take my Old Navy Card, they were on sale and they had free shipping) and I'd given him the choice between black with pretty blue stripes, or Red and Black with white stripes. Guess which ones he picked?

  • Road Trip! The Sun has his first out-of-state tournament Saturday, in New Jersey, land of Beer and Bruce. We're riding with the Senseis tomorrow night, and staying over so that we don't have to make that drive first thing in the AM, before registration/participating. Several kids are going as well, though not all are participating. It's a really good group of kids... most of them seem to go to school together, but they are all very supportive of each other and will come to a tournament just to show support... even if they are not participating. They are mostly Mexican kids, being that the dojo is in South Yonkers, but there are some Ecuadorians, Nicaraguans, and one Dominican.

  • Spanish is an interesting language. I'm trying to learn it, finally, after years and years and years of people talking to me in Spanish. Plus, of the last three projects I worked on this week, two had to be translated to Spanish. I download a podcast of 3 lessons, which was exciting until I realized they were speaking Castilian Spanish (which seems to usually end up being "teaching" Spanish)--but with a Scottish brogue. Turns out the podcast are from "Es-co-thi-a".

  • Why is it that everybody thinks they can be a graphic designer? Although to be fair... I used to think that I was good on a computer, that I could make fliers and stuff, too. I saved a few; periodically I pull them out and look at the crap I did and sold to people thinking it was good. But I at least practiced, and went to school and worked DAMN HARD, and now I'd say I'm a pretty good designer. The stuff I've done in the last two days or so, I'm pretty proud of. And my clients are happy, too. Hey, remember that flier I did WAY back from my previous job, and my department killed it? Well my client called me up and specifically requested that I recreate my original design for them. So I did.... or something close to it, AND I'll get paid for it, too!

  • The Sun's school was all spruced up the other day (hence the "restoom" sign, above) for their annual DOE inspection or "Quality Review." A bunch of us parents sat with the person sent to do the report, and basically raved about how much we loved the school, and it's principal. We do love the Principal... but she tends to have what I call "hotflash moments" where she can be unbearably controlling and well, psycho. We laughed when later, we thought about would happen if we'd told the inspector about the Principal's HotflashMoments.


Julie said…
Oh lord do you put a lot into one post.

I like Patterson too - so does everyone - and I don't think that's a mistake. Personally, I'm of the belief that Spitzer was set up. Sure, he did the deed, foolish man, but that it came down right now, in the middle of trying to get the budget done, in the midst of his rivalry with Joe Bruno who will, as the Majority Leader, become Lieutenant Governor...hmmm it's all a little too convenient.

I've been thinking a lot about why Spitzer did this and thought he could get away with it. Mostly it's the arrogance born of the combination of money and white, male privilege. Talking to the Bull last night he was saying that a Wall Street-type friend of his was telling him that all those Wall Street guys frequent prostitutes. And I've certainly heard the women on mom message boards complaining about their Wall Street husbands whose "working late" seems to involve going to high-end strip clubs and masseuses for "happy endings." So it just seems to be a mentality born of the privilege to buy the best of anything they want. If they can pay to have their shoes shines and their haircut, if they can afford the best cars and the best vodka, then why not pay for the best sex. It's just another service to them. And in the culture of that world, it's normal - maybe too easy to forget that it's also illegal.

And here's where Spitzer was just stupid. He's taken down prostitution rings - he's actually done interviews telling people what NOT to do when conducting illegal activities - so he knows all the mistakes people make to get caught - and he made them all. He almost deserves what happened just for being dumb about it all.

But believe me, I'm not shedding any tears for him. He has enough money to do whatever he wants for the rest of his life - and I'll bet that will be a free life - out of prison, because guys like him always manage to get away with it.

I'm surprised that you have more compassion for him than for "Kristen". I hate that the woman in these things is always the one who gets the derogatory names. He's the woman who made commitments that he broke, he's the one who betrayed people. She was just doing her job. And if she catches a break because of his stupidity and it launches a singing career and she doesn't have to do big-headed bald men for a living anymore - well, more power to her!

It does irritate me that the media is hanging outside her door. I could care less about her - she's certainly not news. But don't even get me started on how much real news goes unreported while time is wasted on crap.

I keep saying it to people. There are good men out there. The problem is we're not attracted to them. And we need to ask ourselves why. (Me included - stuck in a relationship with someone who won't even offer me a cup of tea when paralyzed with the flu)

As long as you're in contact with him, you will not get over him. Plain and simple. You can't feed an obsession - not even little crumbs. That road trip isn't going to help your obsession any.

The Bull is hooked on that show too. I won't watch it. It will make me want to do things I shouldn't do.

Glad you heard from TF. Hope whatever is up won't be disruptive.

I have more to say, but gotta get dressed and go shopping before it's time to move the car.
The Bear Maiden said…
The reason I have (I don't know if it's "compassion" for Spitzer--"empathy" maybe?) is because I firmly believe that 98% of men, when given half of a chance, will cheat on their woman *somehow*. Even the good ones. Even the ones devoted to wifey... it seems to me that they are more prone to doing something "just this once" than we are. Do I accept it? NO. I think cheating sucks and it's hurtful as hell... and I think that NO human is naturally monogamous... but women generally seem to be better at sticking to the decision to be with one person, than men are. I think you are perfect example... cuz a man in your position? Would have cheated LONG ago.

But anyway. It's all about the THING. From the moment babyboy reaches down and pulls on the THING (at about 4 mths, give or take) it's a wrap. He's tired? grab the thing. Sleepy? Afraid? Hungry? Bored? Grab the thing. And when they discover penetration as opposed to grabbing, well hell... my point is it's easy for me to see why he was calling prostitutes into his hotel room while he's alone/bored/tired/stressed. And since there was probably VERY little real emotion (despite what the hoegirls said on TV... "It's always emotional"... uh no, bitch. He's PRETENDING it's emotional because there's no baggage involved--it's not costing him emotionally to get laid), technically, in his mind I betcha he didn't think he was cheating. He was simply buying a need... like deodorant or mouthwash.

Now her, OTOH. It's not that I think she SHOULDN'T "get hers..." but she was "getting hers" when she was getting paid. And she was getting paid AN AWFUL LOT. Shit. More than me! Even when I work for a living! So it's not like the bitch was hurting. She's living on 25th street in Chelsea. Can YOU afford Chelsea? I think not. So what annoys me is not that she's getting a break... it's that she's getting a break and he's not, when she is just as illegal as he is. In this State, as opposed to Nevada... And I don't care what the feminists say. I think hoes enjoy being hoes.


As for men. At this point I freely admit I'm attracted to anybody who will pay me some attention. That attention may not hold... depending on how creepy/slimy/annoying/domineering he is, but Nene is none of those things so that makes it hard. And I know I won't get over the obsession/feeling/lovethang easily and/or as long as I have to see him. Unless I am distracted. And I am easily distracted, I can assure you. Especially at this point in my life. It's just nobody is distracting me. Yet. But that could change... and one thing I DO share with the professor is, when it's done... it's ova. Finito. Nada. Nien Niet No Mo'. I never ever go back or revisit the scene of the crime. The only reason TF lasted as long as he did was because I got knocked up.

It takes me much longer to let somebody in, so it's harder for me to kick them out. But they can get kicked out.

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