Hey, I hit 13,000 visits to my blog. Not bad for a crazy rambling chick. Thanks for coming!

Lots going on... it never rains but it friggin' pours but I may not be able to write anything for a tick cuz I have projects to finish, jobs to pitch, people to stalk get to know.

But to remind myself, I want to write why I think Geraldine is the worst sort of racist (in a few words - cuz she doesn't think she is), and that I think that this particular primary season--while history-making is really letting America show it's ass to the rest of the world (some of the comments I've seen from people from other countries makes me embarrassed for us) and why I think God hears you when you pray, and you better remember to say "Thank you".

So pause while I say "Thank you, God." Nothing significant has changed yet, but the pillar of cloud has begun to move, finally.

Well... off to do some stuff, make a meeting for the Sun's school, throw a pitch, drink some coffee and hope I can work off of about 5 hours sleep in the past 48 hours...


Ros said…
It's only stalking if you obtain SS# and driver's license #, and take pictures of them grocery shopping.

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