Today Was Definitely Spaghetti-Like...

I'm so happy that I've decided to go ahead and identify spaghetti posts, because it means that "when my mind is wandering, there it will goooooooo....." and I don't have to stay up till 5 or 6AM forcing myself to write coherently on one topic. Because sometimes I'm obsessed and that's easy, and sometimes I'm insane and it's not easy.

Today is the latter. So I can stay up till only 4A, and get everything "in".

So again, in no particular order:

  • The Professor is mad at me because I haven't done her taxes. But shit. I haven't done mine either, and I was pretty clear last year that I didn't want to DO ANYBODY'S taxes anymore because the IRS has decided to fuck with the little people, and it's just too much responsibility. (Plus, I'm not getting anything back because the IRS decided I owe them.) So today she really had an attitude with me, which makes me laugh in hindsight cuz I don't care much, but it was annoying at the time. But I'll do them. Maybe tomorrow. I sat down to do it tonight, but instead I needed to
  • Update my "America The Beautiful Mash-Up" song mix, which is pretty freakin' brilliant, if I do say so myself. I wish I could figure out how to set up mixes on iTunes, cuz I think you can sell them/make small change off of them, but on the other hand, iTunes doesn't have a lot of the songs I look for. But click through the little widget there... there's some good stuff.

  • I kind of miss Nene, but I've resolved myself to the idea that he was only taking because I was giving, and I didn't mind giving as long as it didn't cost me. And it didn't, in the beginning. But it's been just about a year, and now it was beginning to cost me. So after Obama's speech the other day, which had the strange effect of giving me a renewed sense of self-worth, I called him and confronted him on some stuff and pretty much told him I had the Opportunity to Pursue Something Else, and if there was no real interest on his part that he needed to let me go. Which he reluctantly (and it was good he was reluctant cuz I didn't feel so much like a simple bootycall that way) did. Sucks though. I really do feel for him but I'm worth much more than I was giving... As I've said before... that's how I feel today. But...
  • ...the Opportunity that presented itself as being Worth Pursuing... well, it's being investigated and while I can't say I'm getting overwhelming urges, it's a little strange (and enjoyable) to have a conversation with someone who is uh, VERY much like yourself. It's kind of freaky, actually. Although this Opportunity shares some interesting traits with people I get along with exceptionally well... one being the Fat Lady and the other being the Professor. They are both Taurus, you see. I thought at first that the Opportunity was Aquarius like me... but no, Taurus. So in some ways we're exactly like and in other ways we're like the opposite. It could be interesting....

  • I took the Sun and his annoying little friend the Moon into the city today to Toys R Us. I love the Moon, I do. He really is a good kid with a wonderful heart, but he's not MY kid and I guess because of that, he can annoy me. Then again, my kid annoys me too, sometimes, but I think the thing is he knows when he's annoying me and will back up pretty quickly. The Moon, on the other hand, will continue until I get really "snappish" with him, and then I feel bad. Poor baby. But I guess he doesn't mind me, cuz he still likes to hang out with me and the Sun. I guess he understands that I do treat him exactly like I treat my own kid... and I do. We had a good time today, though.

  • I am really broke. I mean REALLY. Y'all need to help a sister out and buy something from CafePress. I could put up my paypal button and ask for donations, but a.) I hate handouts and hand-me-downs and b.) I'd feel guilty for not giving something in return and c.) you'd know my real email address (though most of you know me anyhow.) I could also solicit advertising on this blog, but that doesn't sit right with me. People look at my resume on HotJobs and Monster, but nothing's come of it. However, the Opportunity That Is Worth Pursuing is a graphic designer/web designer, and may be able help me get my real site completed. We had a funny conversation which sounded like several conversations that both my Taurean sister and good friend have had with me... and they go like this: "Stop being a perfectionist! Pick a template and get it done! It can BE purple! Just do it!"

  • I found out somebody read my "I Hate Black History Month" post (yes, I sometimes follow my narcissistic tendencies and Google myself, just to see what comes up), and thought it worth mentioning. But when I visited today, they had a hilarious post (in part swiped from another blog) about ways to "Avoid Dealing With Racism". I tell you, I laughed out loud. But I so appreciate them, because they were honest... and honestly I've heard some of the things on the list, and they annoyed me when I did. So "shout out" to my peeps at
    - Feminist White Noise
    - Feministe

  • Another friend forwarded me this blog, which I'll add to my list maybe tomorrow..
    - Stuff White People Like (it's good for brown folk to know this stuff, truly.)

  • And my friend Carrie sent me this, which I thought was cool:
    - The Hapa Project: "Once a derogatory label derived from the Hawaiian word for “half,” Hapa has since been embraced as a term of pride by many whose mixed racial heritage includes Asian or Pacific Island descent."

  • If you've noticed, Hillary Clinton has been pretty quiet on the Pastor Wright thing, and I did a little snooping/got a little tidbit and think maybe this might have something to do with it?

    - Hillary's Nasty Pastorate, an interesting article posted on The Nation.
    - And of course I had to "wiki" The Family. Hmph, is all I have to say. And "glass houses" and "throwing stones" and "people are such friggin' hypocrites...." Particularly when I googled it's current leader, Douglas Coe, and at the first hit landed on a Feb 2005 Time Magazine article entitled "The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals In America. " Coe was 4th. Number 7 was James Dobson, the former leader who stepped down "to pursue politics".
  • What annoys me most about this "discovery" is that all the Gollums who are busy hissing at Pastor Wright and calling Obama out for not disowning him and saying how this will destroy Obama so that the BorgQueen can win, um???? Are you not checking your own backyard???? Can you not see that they are ALL FULL OF SHIT, and the ONLY thing that's different about Obama is hope? And if that's all that's different... why is that a bad thing? What makes "hope" not worthy of trying?

  • I think I remember this visitor... he'd asked me about some music I'd posted and I'd deleted the comment ONLY because it was irrelevant to the post he'd responded to. But I noticed my name mentioned in context to this Jay-Z/Linkin Park video he posted recently, so I'm giving him props. Of course it's entirely in Spanish, so I've NO IDEA what it says.... But he also posted another song by Jay-Z/Linkin Park (Dirt Off Your Shoulders) but it's to a series of clips from Naruto so HEY!!! he gets special props for that.

  • If you haven't visited Milk For Spice, lately, the Fat Lady posted a video from SNL featuring Tracy Morgan. Worth seeing....

  • Technically, Obama has won, or is well on the way to officially winning Texas. Something about the Caucus, which isn't over until June. CNN is projecting that Obama is the winner. Don't you just love unfair reporting?

  • And, last random post of the day... I can spell the word "friend" a MILLION times, and I will get it wrong 98% of the time... Unless I'm consciously aware of spelling it.


Ros said…
oh THANKS, now I have to subscribe to "Stuff White People Like" and spend even MORE time reading blogs!

Those "ways to avoid dealing with racism"? Heard every damn one of them in my Urban Education class one semester. Ya know, sometimes people should just keep their mouths shut.

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