My Latest Crush...

could possibly become an obsession. And I owe it to my friend WhiteClogs.

The Professor posted about the difference between a man's man, a ladies man and a girlie man. According to her definition, I would say that WhiteClogs is riding a fine line between ladies man and girlie man... with maybe some Tranny Tendencies. And he'd laugh about that last part... cuz he talks about his Tranny Tendencies all the time so I'm not sayin' anything behind his back. Back in the day before babies and we were all wild ho's... WhiteClogs was guaranteed to dress up as a girl on Halloween... right down to the pumps. He had a thing for WhiteClogs (hence the name), a throwback to his days in a Hair Band (he's a decent songwriter with a really nice voice though he thinks he sounds like a chipmunked version of Donny Osmond). His wife threw the clogs away one day when he wasn't home. And what did he do? Went out and ordered a custom-made pair. He's got a thing for shoes which is one reason him and Shoefly get along so well. (And yes, he WILL TOTALLY walk behind her in the mall holding all her bags. And go into shoe stores and help her pick out shoes.)

But lately, he's gone Country. One thing I adore about WhiteClogs is like me, he doesn't do his obsessions halfway. He goes all out. When I first met him, he didn't care too much about sports though he did have a fondness for the Dolphins... but that was only cause he hails from Florida.

About two summers ago he discovered the Mets. In true obsessive fashion, he watched EVERY GAME, went to a few games (and I'd known him for about 10 years by that point and maybe he'd gone to A game cuz somebody got him a free ticket), bought a mets Jersey, Mets sneakers, a Mets license plate holder and a Mets doormat.

So, his latest obsession is Redneck. As in Dickies Shirts and work boots from Target, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, chawin' tabacca, race car drivers and country music. Some of his favorites are Big & Rich (and he even bought one of those "fan" books about them--which he's actually reading), Brad Paisley, and Trace Adkins.

But I gotta tellya... I share that "thing" for Trace. That voice. That hair. OK, his head is a little small and the songs aren't THAT great... but uh, who the fuck cares? All he's got to do is swang them hips a little, and that's all she wrote...

Last week on Celebrity Apprentice (which I only watch now because of Trace) the Donald was faced with the problem of eliminating a Baldwin Brother and Trace. By rights, he should have eliminated Trace. But he didn't. Cuz I think the Donald's got it for him too.... I have to see if Trace makes it past this "surprise" double-elimination.


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