Things That Are Bugging Me

In no particular order:

  • This theory suggesting that the Clintons, realizing that the end is near, are "talking up" McCain, destroying Obama's credibility. So that at the next election, Billary will run again and can defeat McCain, thereby fulfilling her presidential destiny. Or that perhaps McCain will cross party lines and nominate her for VP. While I find the latter scenario unlikely, the former scenario really depresses me. Particularly since people are getting more and more polarized. It's actually causing me to think (and this will make OneHalf very happy) that I WON'T vote for McCain under any circumstances. In fact, I think I may never vote again. What's the point of democrazy?
  • That folks actually still wholeheartedly believe in Billary. I mean BELIEVE. The way some folks can still BELIEVE in GW. Aren't people a little concerned at the dirty tactics? Yes, I'm all about Obama, but he's only a man afterall, and a politician to boot. I'm sure he's got his dirt and his "isms".
  • The fact that I was asked to go on a date, the first date I've been asked on IN YEARS. And I turned it down. Why? Well, the official (and very true) reason is that I picked up a gig from the Hospital, and it's a big job with a short turn around time, and I really can't afford to lose the time... I need to relax today and be up and cracking tomorrow and Monday. But the unofficial reason... the Opportunity is a GREAT, enjoyable Opportunity. On Paper. In real life, it didn't jazz me... and in comparison to Nene it wasn't even close. So while I've decided Nene is a dead issue, whatever comes up has to beat that feeling. But it's freaking me out, and I'm really annoyed at myself.
  • I'm REALLY tired. I guess it's that flu thing I'm fighting. Or maybe just years worth of no sleep. But I'm tired of being tired.
  • The job I picked up. It's a high profile job (like it was the two previous years I did it) but this year its being handled in more high-profile manner. And I'm a little nervous at the pressure.
  • I bought and used St. Ive's new line Elements Olive Cleanser, and I think it broke my face out. Really badly. The cleanser is the only thing I've changed.
  • I've realized with some horror that I don't think my child has any health insurance. For some reason Medicaid never cut me off (even while I was working and was using my hospital-supplied insurance) but I think they cut him off. Which means I have to go downtown and figure it all out...
  • I really might have to go deal with Food Stamps again. Don't know if I'd qualify... but we haven't done "real" food shopping in weeks. Buying little bits here and there, which end up being more expensive.
  • This "Economy Stimulus" tax thing. The fact that the IRS/government are REALLY campaigning to get people to file for it. But they have to file taxes, first. And they are targeting people who don't normally file income tax; the underemployed, the Welfare recipient, the SSI/SSD recipient, students, people who haven't filed in several years. Because I've received FoodStamps in the past, I got a letter from ACS urging me to file my taxes so that I could get my rebate. The Diva reports that she was urged by the folks at this BabyCollege program she got involved in, to file. UstairsNeighbor's roommate Thumbelina, who is on SSD, was urged. There are signs EVERYWHERE urging you to file your taxes. I mentioned the other day, in my vent about having become the family tax preparer, that it feels like the IRS is really coming after the "little people", and something about this push to get people to file taxes is really bugging me. It's as if they need more people in the system to "track"... and once you're in the system, you're in the system... and suppose they start harassing people who haven't filed (legally) in years to begin filing for back years? Saying they owe taxes? They did it to Poppy once... he hadn't filed in years and the IRS started sending threatening letters that he hadn't filed, and that he owed. Called him, stalked him. So we went and filed for all the years he hadn't. And it turned out... they owed HIM. But suppose he had just paid what they said he owed???? See, there's this unpopular war going on... suppose they need tax money to finance it? And this is a good way to collect taxes? Call me paranoid... but it's really bugging me.


Carrie said…
Re: stimulus checks. I can understand your paranoia, but I just see this as buraucracy in action. The IRS was told "make sure people know that they have to file taxes to get their checks" -- and to make sure that no-one gets left out. And W has said that these checks are incredibly important to our economy (side discussion on that subject!). So the IRS bureaucracy is just doing what it was told. Ad nauseum.

'Course given all the other BS that this administration has done under the table and swept under the rug (LOL), I wouldn't be surprised if your paranoia was true!
The Bear Maiden said…
Good reasoning... but someone sent a joke the other day.. something about if use the money to buy a computer or software, it's going to India or China; if we use the money for gas, it's eventually going to the middle east.... etc. The punchline was that beer and prostitution are wholly American so we should indulge, and that the message was approved by Elliot Spitzer.

I got a good chuckle. Should have saved it and posted it. But it DID make me think. I'm going to get back $600, maybe. And that's going directly to pay bills/back rent... so I can't say it's going to do anything for the economy, except maybe make my landlord happy.

Except I'm seriously debating treating myself to "Guitar Hero"....
Natalie said…
I saw it just as Carrie wrote, but I can see how you/we can almost justify the paranoid version. My mom gets disability; I wonder she received anything encouraging her to file (and she will - money's money).

In the beginning, I think I was inclined to support Hillary over all the other candidates. And now? I can't do it - support her, I mean. If her campaign is any indication of how she'd do in office, well, that's just no good. And, I'm sorry, but Chelsea's not a little kid anymore, and if she's going to stump for her mom, she needs to quit acting so freakin' snarky about The Question. I can see why she'd want to avoid it, and I can even appreciate why she might refuse to answer it, but she comes across as having the same bitchy attitude that her mom projects. Yeah, the apple and all that, I guess.

But anyway, right now, I don't know for whom I'd vote. I like the possibility of Obama being there to unite us; I think our country needs someone with his gift of words, and let's face it, whatever his personal baggage and -isms might be, he's run a very clean and respectable campaign. However, I have two main concerns, the more serious of which is just how liberal he is. When Dubya announced the WMD in Iraq, I supported him (and at that point, I was still a registered R), but after we learned there were none, and all that came after that...and in general, how idiotic he is, I switched parties just so that I didn't have that same affiliation with him. And because my inclinations were more closely matching the Democratic party's, of course. But my Repub roots are still there, and...and... the liberal thing worries me. A lot.

And the second thing? This:
*really* bugs me.

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