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from an online email friend, and one who I give major props for not only finding stuff like this on a regular basis, but passing it along...

...An anonymous blog set up by an apparent member, in defense of Trinity Church:

The Truth About Trinity United Church of Christ

On which this lovely picture was posted:

Ha ha! And WHO MIGHT THAT BE? Well, none other than Pastor Jeremiah Wright with the man himself, Bill Clinton!

The blog link and photo was first posted on, and Ben Smith claims the picture was taken down. But I checked just now... it's still there! As well as a picture of a young Pastor Wright working on a stricken Lyndon B. Johnson.


'alo Paisana:

I'm a New Yorker, too, although I live in Panama now. I read your comments on RawDawgBuffalo vis-a-vis Obama's speech and the line you drew to Malcolm X's post hadj speeches and writings and I left a rather long comment because I've been all over the blogs and it seems as if you and I are the only ones to have made that connection.

And not only on the blogs. Yes, it bypassed even West and Dyson!

I also drew a comparison of Obama's speech to some of the best of Dr. King's work in the months up to and including Memphis.

Again, the media's all about what Obama said about his grandmother or whatever. But an examination of these historical antecedents? Nah, too complicated. Why bother?

The key "reaching-out" point in Obama's speech wasn't about his grandmother for god's sakes! It was the moment when he linked the anger in the Black community to the anger in the most opposite community you can think of -- THE ARYAN NATIONS! From a social-class standpoint no less.

And I write this with the full admission that I am from a Russian Jewish family, an atheist, and that before Obama's speech I was a skeptic leaning Clinton. Reverend Wright was no problem for me. My dad said the same stuff every day in my house growing up and twice on Sundays. I was troubled a bit by Obama's corporatism and willingness to concede to Republicans more than I had any concern that he was a rabble-rouser.

Besides, I'm a Panamanian now. It's not my fight any more.

At any rate. I really liked what you wrote.
The Bear Maiden said…
Thank you SO MUCH because I was really beginning to despair that nobody "got it".... like I say, I feel like a small, crazy voice, shouting in the dark... The anger thing made me sit up and take notice... that was deep.

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