Sheesh, ALREADY!?

I don't think I told the story in full here, but one day I was hit with the following vision:

One day, say maybe 8 to 10 years from now, I will come home early from work/play/shopping, for some unforeseen reason. I will come up the stairs, open my apartment door, and be greeted with a flash of naked (girl) ass running across my living room, looking for a place to hide. I will walk into my apartment to find a cheesy-grinned but embarrassed teenaged Sun, and some poor mortified unforeseen (and naked) TeenagedGirl.

I told the Fat Lady that when that day comes, wherever we are, I will call her up and she will know that my vision has come to pass when she hears me laughing hysterically on the other end of the line. No words... just maniacal laughter.

Unless of course it's one of her daughters... but luckily for us our children have decided they are cousins and say "eeew!" when there's any mention of Future Romance. So that weeds out Sugar, and probably Spice cuz she's so much younger. I told the Fat Lady that compounding the horror of my vision is that I'm fairly sure the TeenagedGirl will the child of some woman I love and respect. And then I'll have to explain things I don't want to explain...

This evening, on our way home from Karate, I got a call from my dear friend, and the only reason I won't name her--not even her made-up name, is to spare her the embarrassment of what's to follow.

So she calls me and says "Is your Sun missing his underwear? We have it". Um, WHY would my Sun be missing his underwear???? And, why does your child have my child's underwear??? She said "You don't know if he's missing underwear?" and I said well not really, since he gets himself into the shower these days. Though I do have a vague recollection of him telling me he lost underwear on a Swim Day (the two second/third grade classes go to a swim lesson on Fridays) and that he went "commando" for the rest of the day. Now, supposedly the kids have their bathing suits on before they get on the bus. So how his underwear got into her bag... dunno.

I laughed to myself. His father would go commando sometimes and he would always make me laugh by saying "OOPS! I forgot to wear underwear" (yeah, I liked him a lot at one time).

At bathtime, I asked him the Sun... how did your underwear get into her bag? "I dunno!" He said. "But I've lost THREE pairs of underwear on Swim Day!" THREE! So... once is an accident... two maybe but three?

And who/what/where are the other two pair?

I don't think I really want to know...


now thats funny, lol have a great weekend twin
Natalie said…
I haven't thought that far ahead about my own Sun, and I'm not going to think about it now, either.

Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, definitely tomorrow. (Or the next day.)

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