I've seen people tagged and now it's me. Thanks Fat Lady! One more distraction from that comp I'm supposed to be doing. You of all people KNOW how easily I'm distracted.

But I laugh... what five random facts could I POSSIBLY come up with that I haven't bared here already???? You all already know I have "mad issues, yo!" and that I'm opinionated and prone to depression and obsessiveness and had a really weird childhood. What else could I say? Oooh! I just thought of something...

1.) My first "crush" was on that cartoon character The Phantom. Something about the skintight (purple) bodysuit and the mask. Yum. To this day I harbor a very secret interest in

2.) certain elements of S&M. Not the pain. I don't "do" pain. But those masks...hmmmmmm.

Ok so that was deep and dark and random. What else?

You all know I love music. I think in music... which is why I started posting music on this blog right from the beginning. So you all know that but did you know

3.) I've been known to sing in my sleep?

So going back to Milk For Spice to see what she put as her random facts, and noted that she was unwilling to reveal anything too "scandalous" (and I tease her about her darkness all the time) I just realized that

4.) I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist. But wouldn't you have guessed that already? Does that count?

OK... something people wouldn't know....

5.) I wear a 34DD. Why is that important? It isn't... I can't think of anything else and hey it worked for the Fat Lady. But actually, the boobage was sort of a big deal in my teenage years because I was really really skinny (at one point I weighed 92 lbs because I'd just come of a week-long asthma attack and I can't eat when I can't breathe) and they didn't even make jeans small enough for me back then. The Gap didn't invent "size 0" until late in my senior year of high school. So for a while I was pretty self-conscious about the boobs cuz they were so big in relationship to the rest of me. I wore a lot of big shirts. Which is stupid, cuz back then I had big boobs and a flat stomach, and now I flat boobs and a big stomach. I once had this skintight turquoise cotton stretchy dress with a deep v-neck and high waist. And I was too scared to wear it. And now I can't wear it, damnit, cuz I'd have three bubbles (a good bra can hoist the girls up)... 2 in the front and one in the back and some rolls on the side. But I would if I could cuz I've discovered that I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist....

OK, so tagees.... I won't tag some of my bigger blogs that I'm sure people will tag, so I'll tag
  1. my freind Natalie at Sometimes I Blog because she's a really good, natural photographer. She's one of my online freinds from my mom's list, and I met her once in real life.
  2. my freind Aparna, who's in Mozambique. I met her when I worked at the hospital, and she's East Indian from Chicago and we had great conversations about racism and other "isms" cuz she's a frizzy-haired girl in a straight-haired world, and brown, to boot. She went to Malawi to get her MPH.
  3. a blog I read semi-regularly... the Female Science Professor. She's way smarter than me and sometimes talks about stuff I couldn't begin to understand. But her tales of life in academia leave me with my mouth hanging open. Talk about sexism! Holy Shit!
  4. my freind, my mentor Peter Emmerich, former Disney artist. It was he that broke the barriers I had about drawing. I think he got to the emotion in me... I struggled before him, and after his class I was much more comfortable. Which is odd, because his style is so precise and he intimidated the hell out of me in the beginning. Actually he still does. He didn't last long at Pratt... WAY too outspoken. Which of course is why I adore him.
  5. lastly, and after much wondering, I will tag a new blog I started reading, LoveBabz: A Life in Transition. I found her through Raw Dog Buffalo, and I love that she 's honest about her life, and I read her "Love List" with great interest. I wanted to tag Chief Brown at the Cheroenhaka blog but he doesn't have comments enabled.
So that's it. And I've yet to do what I need to do. Drat it.


professor said…
i guess coming from 92 lbs you think you have rolls and fat, but in reality I think you look cute...you have a nice shape and as long as you wear a good bra the girls don't look flat...and shit, as long as we get shout outs on the street I know I still got it...
Babz Rawls Ivy said…
Hey thanks for coming by...I was tagged last week so I will repost that! And my first Meme too!

I love you rblog very hip!
Natalie said…
Now why you gotta go say I take good pictures? That means I'll have to break out the camera again, just to try to live up to your kind words. ;)

Okay, I'll work on the tag soon, I promise.

Oh! Totally love your cafepress stuff, and, um, S&M masks? ::thud:: (but I could carry a whip around all day, kwim?)
The Bear Maiden said…
Professor, yeah I know it's relative and I try to remind myself of that... and thanks

Lovebabz thanks for stopping by! And I'm glad you like it and hope you come back!

And Natalie... you're silly cuz I've told you before you're good. And I purposely tagged you to pressure you :)
Julie said…
I can relate to having crushes on fictional characters. I have probably had more crushes on fictional characters than real people. Including a few comic book characters as a kid.

Yeah, that mask thing is deep and dark.

You? An exhibitionist? Nah!

I can relate to that a bit. Though - more so a physical one than a an emotional or intellectual one. I don't like putting my thoughts and feelings out there for people to see - I'm always impressed with your openness on this blog - I will never be THAT open on mine.

Oh my, if I could go back and appreciate the figure I had in years past while I had it - I certainly would love to relive a whole slew of years! I was never self-conscious about the boobs - but I always thought I was fat - even when I really wasn't at all. Now that I know what fat is - it would be great to go back and enjoy being thinner than I'll ever be again.

Thanks for playing tag with me!

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