Life Isn't Fair

wah wah wah.

It isn't, though. It's just life.

What happened to Jennifer Hudson's family, at the height of her career is not fair. I cannot imagine the pain and grief she feels. And it's a story that happens in many households... sometimes not that tragically, but certainly along those lines. My sister says she "saw" what happened... because in many respects it has mirrored similar aspects of her own life. The lives of people she services.

When they captured the estranged husband, and not the boy, I knew the boy was gone. It isn't fair... a 7 year old's life cut short because the adults in his life are assholes. I feel awful for Jennifer... but I cry for that boy.

There are other things I could complain about today... a myriad, multitude of things. And I'm sitting here, waiting breathlessly for an election (can you believe it?) because I'm hoping it will correct some of the unfairness of life. For a multitude of reasons. But it wouldn't be fair to lump those things in with the death of a 7 year old boy.

Jennifer, you won't ever see this, but I'm so sorry for the events in your family. It isn't fair it happened to you, to your nephew. It could easily have happened to anyone, to me, my niece, my friends in Harlem or in the Bronx... but it happened to you and I'm sorry.

It's just not fair.


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