The Debate III me, was a slightly more interesting than the last two, but unlike most people, I think Obama won.

Why? Cuz he's cool like that. Unflappable. Why should he care that he's been accused of "palling around with terrorists"? Particularly if it's not true? He has a country to clean up.

If I had been on the fence about him before, he won me over completely last night because:
  1. His position on abortion was clean, clear-cut, understanding and non-judgemental. He spoke like a man with two daughters and a strong woman for a wife. It's pretty obvious they have a sex life and could be faced with a pregnancy. It's something he has to think about. And he's thought about it. I agree with his position on late-term abortions... but as he said, there has to be a provision put in about the mother's life. McCain's stance came across to me like a man who has made up his mind about something that is a rhetorical position... he can afford to be judgemental because it's not something that will come up and slap him in the face one day. And I LOVED that Obama stressed the need for sex education and programs to help young mothers.
  2. He refused to take swipes on Palin, even when they offered him the opportunity on a silver platter. Right there, he showed respect for women... but he also "dissed" her lovely (as they say in the hood) by not even dignifying her by using her name. Brilliant. You can "diss" without cursing or attacking.
  3. His healthcare plan makes sense to me. All I keep thinking with McCains is... Ok, a tax break at the end of the year. But um, suppose you owe taxes? Suppose you owed student loans or alimony or child support and the government eats your return? What then? Will they separate out your healthcare? I highly doubt it. Plus, what health insurance costs $5K???? Especially if you have a large family? And who the hell has the time to shop for health insurance? I had to, a little bit ago, and it sucked.
  4. Most importantly, Obama came across as a man who does not easily lose his cool. And when he gets ticked off, he smiles. Which gives him time to think. He doesn't rush in and stammer over words and get all flustered... he puts his head down and he smiles quietly cuz he's thinking. And I think that will get a better response with the crazy dictators of the world, than sputtering and flashing and leveling accusations.
And so, in closing, I leave you with this... which you may or may not have seen floating around the Internet, but it amuses the piss out of me and I think it quite appropriate:

I can't wait for this man to be President... it's funny. I need this change. I need Obama to be president. I need to see something majorly different happen in my life. I feel like I'm holding my breath, crossing my fingers, waiting for this change to come. And it needs to happen. My life depends on it. I know Joe the Plumber has some concerns... and not for nothing, I think Obama addressed them. But I got major issues. I won't be buying businesses any time soon. Not everyone needs a graphic designer or an artist. I highly doubt I'll be rich. And besides, my kid needs to know that a brown man can be president. So sorry, Joe... You'll be a a little uncomfortable for 4-8 years, but you'll be alright. Me? I don't have that kind of time...


Jacqueline said…
FWIW, I believe, [and so does my sometimes prophetic Gimli], that Obama will win this election. I love reading clear posts on the debates - not the rants and raves and the attacks that I see coming from BOTH sides of the picture. Gotta say, this post of yours was clear cut and thought out withOUT screaming at the opponent and spewing hatred which I have seen in so many posts [of others] as well as in a bazillion emails. I just delete them all. They're all about hate mongering and scare tactics [from both sides] and I won't subject myself to that. Thanks for a great post. And I truly believe Obama will win. I will be SHOCKED if he does not.
Regina said…
This is a change we ALL need! My biggest fear is my in-laws generation - believing all the crap that is going around in emails, and how if he wins they will suddenly be minorities.

Uh no - we will all still be Americans - we will all still be ourselves - we will just have someone strong and cool and confident and capable at the helm and THAT is what we need.

Now I just need to convince them of that.
Bonnie said…
Most of the reporting on the debate said that Obama won by being so calm and cool.
McCain's health plan makes no sense whatsoever. None. Most health experts predict that it would result in many more uninsured people, while costing about the same as Obama's plan. Only the young and healthy come out ahead under McCain's plan. It would result in many employers dropping insurance because they would be losing the tax advantage. Taking insurance away from employers might be a good thing if it were done right, but McCain's plan just dumps everyone onto the individual market, which is much more inefficient than the group market. People with health problems would no longer be able to get insurance at all, and older people would face very high premiums. The only good I can think of about McCain's plan is that it would be such a disaster that in another 5 or 6 years, people would be *begging* for socialized medicine.
the debate sucks! i doesn't matter anyway

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