In a Big, Crazy World

my complaints are trifling.

But it's my blog. I don't feel well... I ended up calling in sick to my tiny part time job and laid in bed till noon, feeling progressively worse. I think it was more my sleepless nights catching up to me than anything else. But the day was wasted.

Not feeling well made me feel really lonely, too. I suppose if I had someone I'd probably be annoyed at them not taking care of me but not having one I can pretend someone could care.

I miss what almost was. What wasn't. Which is a complete waste of time, but it's my blog and I started it so I could let go of things like this. So I still miss certain people, but I'm aware that it's probably more my inability to let people go than anything else... and I'm resigned that it's something that will never be.

I took the Sun to get his hair done; his father is coming in and I wanted the Beast tamed before hand so SD won't feel compelled to "wash it".

Maria is in the DR, Yomari was swamped. So someone else worked on the beast, and it beat her, poor thing. It took 3 and a half hours for her to achieve what Yomari and Maria can do in two. But the Sun... he sat through the whole ordeal patiently, barely wincing. Cuz he loves the Beast.

Oddly enough, I had a dream early this morning that the Sun decided to cut his hair, and without me went and got a mohawk. In truth, we've actually discussed him getting one... but he wants not the "new" pseudo mohawks that are buzzed on the sides and mainly moussed up, like this kid. OH NO, mon frere... we're talking 80's punk mohawk, and if he could have spikes he'd be even happier. Like this guy. In the dream he had more of the current brand of mohawk, and he wasn't that happy about it. And his ears stuck out... which is the one thing he remembers most about when his hair got cut. That his school friends teased him about his ears. He was four. I told him about the dream but I didn't tell him about the ears.

On the way home, we saw a Mexican punkrocker, with a buzzed mohawk, black spikes in his brow, dressed all in black. Oh, and fingerless gloves. The Sun thought he was just the coolest.

I seriously fear for my future.


He come hang with my kids when he's a teen because they're all about the punk/goth look. Piper has already asked to have her hair dyed blue, and is utterly fasinated with tattos. Umberto and Camille both like the goth look...
RoadGrl said…
D2 so wants a mohawk, but his hair is just too straight and fine... but one of his football teammates has a straight up mohawk like the sidekick in "Dreamquest".

I share your fears.
LOL at best tamed
i need my hair tamed now u speak of it

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