Keepin' It Movin'

602nd post...

I used to write everyday. But lately everyday I pretty much have the same things to say... and don't much feel like repeating myself.

The kids were off Tuesday and Wednesday for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. For various reasons, it's not our Jewish New Year, but every year I wonder about converting...

We all needed the break though. Somehow it's been rough getting back into the school swing. The kid cuz he's in 4th grade now and he has to work, me well, cuz.

On Tuesday we went to karate, and it's much easier to get to Yonkers from Manhattan than it is to get to Yonkers from the Rock, so we got there a little late. We missed half of the class in the Sun's age group, and with whom I usually work out. So we took the teenage class instead. In addition to being harder, it's also a half-hour longer, but it was OK. The Sun and I both managed to maintain.

I hurt today, though.

On Wednesday, today for me still since I haven't been to bed, I cleaned out my closet. Well, the first of two closets. I actually have empty space in it. It's a really big deal to me, because
  1. it's a goal I set for myself and actually accomplished it
  2. I got rid of a lot of ill-fitting/not-my-style-ever/anymore/too big/bad memories stuff
  3. I got rid of the few really cheap suits I had (I HATE cheap suits)
  4. there's space to actually have someone hang stuff in there.
Now, I'm not sure with whom or when #5 will apply, but hey.

The FatLady and Lilac Blue and Ladybug, Sugar and Spice came up which was nice. Their company made the task go by much faster, and the girls entertained the boys who were seriously beginning to work my nerves by then.

My kid in particular is approaching hormonal hell. He's always been a little snippy, but lately the mouth has been shooting off. And then there's the flouncing and flinging of things, which gives me flashbacks to his father. So we WILL be nipping THAT shit in the bud. In fact, I had to reach out and slap him, lightly, cuz in addition to the attitude and the shouting, he was flinging things. Not cool.

But it's late and I'm fighting a cold and I'm tired... so I'll post more later. But I'm excited about my closet...


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