A TF "Positive" For Once

and in the interest of "Fair Reporting" I have to tell, since I spend a great deal of time ranting about the crazy bastard.

The Sun's birthday is Sunday. He'll be NINE. Shit. I have a nine-year-old. He's starting to get "whispies" at the corner of his lips... his father is a hairy dude and uh, his mom ain't exactly smooth either. Thank God he was born a boy or I'd be "scarsht" (to quote TinyOne) for him. As it is, he's already not too happy abut the "whispies" and tells me he's going to shave. Poor baby. He's gonna be shaving an awful lot.

Anyway... his father wanted a written list. This time I had the freakin' brilliant idea to scan the list and email it. From the Sun's email address. So that TF couldn't "reply" back with some bullshit. He'd have to go out of his way.

As previously noted, my child is obsessed with Naruto, so in addition to some action figures, he wants some Naruto games for his DS or the Playstation.

TF sent me a text tonight: "I''m looking at Naruto games and they r all Teen rated. Are you buying these games for him?"

And I wrote back that no, actually I'm not, and that consequently, the Sun only has one game. That one is rated E10+, and that the Sun and I had discussed the fact that I was going to let him slide on that one since he's closer to 10 than to being a teenager.

Surprise surprise, he texted back "Then I won't [buy them] either". I texted him back "Thank you".

Later he texted me that he bought the Sun a Shuffle (so Professor, we'll have to come up with something else).

But that was the most pleasant exchange we've had in quite awhile.

The Video Game Issue has come up in court, cuz he wanted to be able to play networked games with the Sun, and I downright refused. Don't get me wrong, he plays games. Whenever and where ever he can. He's obsessed... no doubt he gets that gene from his mama but it's scary. But I was NOT going to let my kid sit there for hours playing networked games... cuz yeah he'd play with his dad, but he'd be playing with anyone he could find.

And TV... the Professor blogged about kids watching TV (made me laugh, but I agree completely). I have to say... I keep the poor kid running so he doesn't have much time for TV, but it could easily be all he did, if I didn't...


Ros said…
Well, I don't think anyone is 100% crazy or evil. Glad to know Sun's father has his sane minutes.
The Bear Maiden said…
Yeah, Ros... he does. It's just they get fewer and farther between...

All-Mi-T... LOL! The beginnings of a mustache!

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