A Slightly Better Day

than yesterday, today was.

At least I was efficient. As I walked The Sun to the bus stop this morning he said "don't forget your keys. Don't forget your wallet. Get my package".

I did go to bed last night, about 2A (early for me!) and woke up at 6:30. After I got back, I stayed up, did dishes, folded laundry, made a meat loaf. Had coffee, checked mail, had a shower got dressed. Went and got the Sun's package (a book).

Got to unemployment about noon. The notice I got specifically said not to call... just to go. So I go, expecting to go through the process. But no, the typical government services bitch informed me, I have to come back tomorrow at 10:15A. For that, I could have called. Also, I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to go to tomorrow's session. You see, Nene has to go then, too.

I asked the chick that since I showed up, will my unemployement resume? Oh, no. After my "Profiling" tomorrow I'll have to call Albany and see if they feel like reinstating them. Fuckers.

Now let me just rant about something really quickly. The last time I was on unemployment, right after 9/11, the "Profiling" thing consisted of them telling me how to write a resume (uh, I know how to do that and have a pretty concise one, I think) and get all my skills listed and then set me up with free training programs that the state will pay for.

But here's the catch. You have to pick training programs from a NY City-approved list. Then, you have to fill out this whole stream of paperwork in a specific order, saying specific things that gets sent to the State. The State will pay up to $2500 (at least back in '01) for you to attend these programs. Then you go to the program and apply. Except the program wants the money up front... they don't want to wait for the State. In my case, to start the program I wanted I had to pay by a certain date, and the grant wasn't going to be by then. "Guess what?" the "school" said... "we have financial aid!". In the form of a career training loan, to which different rules apply then Student Loans. So, I took the loan and started the program. And then the school got the grant from the school... but never told me. It was only because I happened to call the State to find out where the grant was, that I found out that the school had been paid. I then had to jump through hoops--including calling the Better Business Bureau to get reimbursed. By then though, I had gotten into Pratt and needed the money so I used to grant instead of paying back the loan. Figuring that that loan could be lumped in with the Student Loans. But NOPE! Separate rules.

So in my opinion, these "government approved" training places are a racket. And a waste of time. But... I don't have a choice I have to go and it's my own damn fault. Can't be mad at anybody but me.

But Nene will be there tomorrow, and when I told him he said to meet him at McDonald's at 9A. "NINE?" I said. "Isn't that early?" but he said it would be better to be early. He's right. Plus I get to hang out with him. Yes, I'm a freak. I'm all excited about it, too.


Ros said…
You're a total gay-ass freak, but aren't most of us? I bet it will be your most thrilling McD's visit ever.
Peter Emmerich said…
Hey Beautiful Gal!

Imagine getting you on a blog AND Sam Cooke!

I love and miss you and am so proud of you one of my first, one of my best!

Someone asked me what I was doing for Black History month and I said I did it on Super Tuesday! Barack is my new obsession! Effing History baby and so well deserved!

I love and miss you terribly!!!

Let's do that lunch sometime!

a city approved list, we know the public is more informed than he government. and i wantd to thank you for the prayers, i have been out of it kind of lately
S.K. said…
The hoops they are making you jump through are CRAZY!! but expected. I bet if you were trying to scam the Gov't you wouldn't have any problems getting that money. But keep planning for a better tomorrow.

Staying focused on the goal is power.

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