Angels In The Outfield

or rather, on the gridiron.

Mr. Kip loved the Giants; he and UpstairsNeighbor used to watch every game. So the Sun and I made a point of ending our rather long day upstairs with her, along with the Jolly Giant (who told me, when I asked, that he's seven feet tall) and Thumbelina (who's maybe 4'11 and 80 lbs on a good day). UN had "a moment" where I knew she suddenly missed Kip very much, but the ending of the game made up for it. It was a great game. We could all hear Mr. Kip's gravelly voice laughing, laughing. And Uncle Toshio's, too.

I used to watch the Giants back when I lived a Jerseygirl life. My ex's best friend's dad held season tickets, and we used to go to the games, especially early in the season when it was still warm. The seats were right behind the goalposts. LT was on the team then. Great times. After we broke up I totally lost interest in football, but today reminded me of some great games... especially against the Patriots. The ex's best friend had gone to B.U., and so his best college buddy was a Patriot fan.

Anyway. It was a great game.

The commercials were funny, too, though not not as many great ones as in years past. I think my favorite was the one for LifeWater with Naomi Campbell cuz I LOVED the Thriller aspect. I liked the SalesGenie ones cuz they made me go "ooooooooooh, really? Aren't these a tad racist/stereotypical?" The CareerBuilder one with the walking heart was weird, but I could relate. The Doritos one with the mouse was funny but violent in a weird way, both the E-Trade ones with the baby made me laugh, and maybe the only one I liked more than the LifeWater one was Will Ferrell for BudLight--"Suck one!".

Today was also both The Moon's 10th birthday, and the Diva's 21st. We went with the Moon's family to IHOP for breakfast. Well, brunch, really. Then, I was all set to go into the city to meet the Diva at Bigbear's place, but then the Diva was going to Planet Hollywood, and I figured that would take forever so I went food shopping instead. I hope the Diva isn't too "put out".

She had big plans for her 21st, and they all started unraveling about two weeks ago. Last week, she was back in the hospital... she hadn't fully recovered from her allergic reaction, and so her asthma acted up. And once you walk into a hospital saying you can't breathe, they keep you in FOR DAYS.... EVEN when they find out you're uninsured.

So she didn't get out till Thursday. Then when she went to a follow-up appointment on Friday, they tried to keep her, saying her heart was beating erratically. Uh, yeah, you idiot... if you've been pumping her up full of albuterol nebulizers for three days straight, what the hell do you think??? And they put her on Advair, which, no matter what the docs say... has side effects. Namely, SEVERE vertigo and heart flutters. Luckily, the Diva got free of their clutches, but it sort of screwed up her weekend plans.

But I think she had a good birthday... she deserved to.


u lucky with the ancestor, and i won 60 on the game. s how is my fav big aple princess? maybe one day u will get and read some of m books
The Bear Maiden said…
Don't know about "lucky" with the ancestors... it's weird. It's like they NEEDED to keep track and half of the interest is trying to figure out why. Cool you won some money.Me? I'm getting better... and lol about the books. I'll trade you one of yours for one of Poppy's...
Natalie said…
What a handsome ancestor, TBM! It's hard to imagine how much more $1K was then, compared to now. Stories like that always move me.

And yeah, the game was great (even without all the history, like you have, lol)!!

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