So I'd made this alternate ego on MySpace, so I could send Nene more um, intimate messages. Nothing really crazy, but I know "people" tend to hang over his shoulder and read stuff while he's on MySpace.

He called me tonight... he was gonna come over but we decided he should visit on another evening since it was already late and I'd just gotten home. He wanted to verify that my alter ego was in fact me. "Well who else would it be?" I asked. He said he was suspicious it might be babymama trying to stalk him. I asked him if she'd given him grief for last weekend, he said she tried but he didn't seem to care much.

So then I said, yeah, it was me. I told him the reason. He said, well, "people" already figured out it was me. Took a look at my likes and dislikes and knew it was me.


Embarrassing. I mean it wasn't that big a deal, but I just find it highly entertaining that a.) "People" seem to know of my existence... I guess(?) that's a good thing. It would also explain why certain other people seemed friendlier than normal last weekend. I guess they figured it wasn't THEIR man I was after. And b.) I really wasn't trying to "disguise" myself but damn. Am I that see-through? Should I have been more undercover?

On the other hand, I'm tight with my "people" too, and my close "people" all know about Nene and who he is, so what the hell. As do a whole bunch of blogreaders I DON'T know.

Maybe I mean somethin' afterall...

Anyway. Not that I expected her to be here with me this weekend since TinyOne is with BabyDaddy this weekend, but um, I'm clearing my house out of ALL folk this weekend. Don't call me! Don't come over!

heh heh

Yeah so what. I'm a fool for the boy.


Julie said…
You are one of the few people I who is who they are - period. You don't do good at pretending to be or think or act other than you. No surprise that you could be picked out of the virtual crowd - even under another name. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. There's something to be said for being distinctive.
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. I wonder about that all the time... cuz I can't say that I see the benefit of it, truthfully. I have often wished I could "blend in". I practice blending, actually. But it's a lot of work...

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