My Birthday

was sort of uneventful.

One the one hand I'm kind of happy about it because I really wasn't looking forward to this day; on the other hand maybe more fanfare would have made me feel better.

I think too, that I have resolved that on the next birthday of a friend, I will call, rather than email or text message.

Bigbear and the Professor (along with TinyOne and the Diva) took me downtown to buy me an iPod Nano; the new cute one that plays video. This is my first iPod, as techie as I am. The reason? Ever since music downloading got to be the "thing", graphic designers don't really get to design cool CD covers anymore. Matter of fact, in Best Buy I was dismayed to find that "albums" are now sold as a gift card. A freakin' gift card! You buy the card that contains a code, go to iTunes, plug in the code and download the album.

What the fuck happened to liner notes? Session notes? Pictures of the artists? Musician lists? Lyrics? Cool artwork? Gone, gone, gone.

So I had resisted iPods, and I hate iTunes because of the proprietary technology, but hell. I'm no stick in the mud. It does no good to protest because the world won't stop and say "Oh, what's your objection? You have a valid point... I should consider this." Nope, the world says "Well screw you! You'll get over it or you won't! Last one in is a rotten egg!" and takes off without you.

Then I get the iPod home and discover that it won't sync on my desktop, because my desktop is still running W2K. I hate XP. They changed it all around and put shit where it didn't need to go. Put all fancy icons and what not, and initial roll-outs didn't run better than W2K. And I need my desktop to work, so I stuck with W2K. I have a laptop that's XP, but it's going to be a freaking pain to sync with that thing. I knew I hated Macs.

But, it's a cute little gadget and I'll sync it with the laptop and be done with it.

Thank you, mommy. Thank you sister.

Another bright spot to the day is that I'm about halfway through Obama's book, which means it's a.) interesting and b.) an easy read. I used to read a lot as a kid but the older I get the less things hold my attention, so the fact that I'm already halfway through means I've been hooked.. I'm mulling over the book and the words as I read it... and I wonder if he still believes. I wonder if he's still young enough and inexperienced enough to still believe he can make a difference; that it's worth trying to make a difference. He did, when he wrote the book in '95. I've wondered about politicians before; how much of their souls do they have to sell to the devil in order to be a politician of any stature and recognition? If he does believe, and if he gets to be president, it could be a really interesting thing.

Other than that, my nose is still stuffy, consequently my face is fat and for some reason I feel extraordinarily fat. In the gut, which is a very uncomfortable feeling. I guess I didn't really need cake...

Happy freakin' 43rd birthday to me...


Julie said…
Happy Birthday!! I've been thinking of you all day. I tried to call a thousand times - but well, Spice was being extra spicey today.

Big hugs! These 40-something birthdays can kick you in the ass. For me they keep reminding me of what I've yet to do. And who needs to be reminded of that!

Damn - everyone needs cake on their birthday - even if it's just a hamburger bun with sugar and berries! Expect some fanfare later in the week.

Next time you see each other, you and Sugar will have to compare your Nanos. She harassed us all day Saturday until we took her to go spend her Xmas/birthday/working money on one. She got the (product) red one. What color did you get?
professor said…
Im so sorry...I didn't realize cake was and choclahontas had weird birthdays...YOU WILL HAVE CAKE I PROMISE...and you all dont have to give me cake on my birthday!
Regina said…
Must be an 18th thing - I was all stuffy, too (still am!). Hubby got me cannoli for my cake (did I spell that right) - so I did get to indulge there.
Job said…
happy birthday to you!!!!
i know what it is like to have a b'day with no cake. :-( sorry!!!
Happy birthday, mine always is, no one special in my life to care, plus it is on dec 22
The Bear Maiden said…
Fat Lady, I got plain silver. I thought about getting the 8G one, which came in colors (we were in Best Buy) but since I've never had one before, I'll see how it goes.

Professor, it's OK, wasn't you. More me. I'm probably severely depressed but it's more to do with the fact that I"m hatin' life right now, and hate being broke. But that's my issue.

Regina, was that card from you? That was unbelievebly sweet, and I thank you. It made me smile. It was also the only card I got ;).

Jacqui, thank you. I don't think I minded no cake, per se. It's just the general mood of the moment.

All-Mi-Ti... awwww :(. We'll just have to fix that next year, won't we :) The beautiful thing is that my family doesn't keep Christmas, so Dec 22 is a perfect day to have a party. You'll just have to come to NY, is all. You wouldn't want all of us to descend on you all that the same time. It's unnerving, lol.
professor said…
yeah, sorry bout the card thing too...seems to be a waste of money unless its hand made and you're gonna frame it...and since you make all the cards, seems to be grimy to give you back your own card with a message...LMAO...
so you didn't get cake or a card, but you got say we overwhelm you so us and the sun tried to give you peace...and not us descending on you...cause on my birthday you all better DISAPPEAR (except for you)... warned...we are a need to invite anyone (or maybe you should to save your sanity)...we are a comedy act and you will go back to your digs and welcome the peace, quiet and loneliness...LMAO...
Anjeanette said…
Happy Belated Birthday my friend. I haven't been much on the XPM board lately so I'm soo sorry I missed wishing you a happy Birthday.

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