Hangin' With The Big Dogs...

my little one was. And he hung tough.

I decided on Saturday morning against taking Cat to the Vet. Neighbor came downstairs to check... they have a serious love relationship those two, and she feels his pain as much as I do. She was willing to spot me the money for his care, cuz Lord knows I can't afford it. Reminds me I need to check into The Sun's Medicaid. Anyway.

Cat isn't drooling anymore, and his eyes are naughty and bright again, so I knew he wasn't in as much pain and the risk of infection seemed to have passed. Because I dread getting him to the vet and dealing with his hatred of being there, I decided to leave well enough alone.

But by this time it was too late to make the trek to Yonkers for the kids class, so I called the Senseis and arranged to meet them at the other branch of the dojo, which happens to be a lot closer to my house. And plus, Shihan teaches there on Saturdays. Added bonus. The Senseis said they would call ahead so the dojo knew we were coming. They also told us the class started at 2:30P. They would meet us there about 3P, after classes were ended at the Yonkers dojo.

The class actually started at 2P, and so was already in full swing when we got there. And, it was the teenager/adult class, only there were barely 3 teenagers. The rest of the class was men. And most of them were blackbelts.

My little man bowed in, found a spot and fell right in. He did 2oo jumping jacks. He must have done a hundred sit ups, the Shihan holding his legs. Whatever the big dogs did, he did. The Senseis are great, but Little Brother Sensei in particular tends to set a faster pace. Whereas Shihan's pace is a little slower, but steady as a ticking clock and my Sun kept up with every beat.

I was so proud. I was also the only chick in the joint, aside from a classmember's young daughter, and the young serious-faced Mexican woman who came to work out for an hour. I sat and read my book, Dreams from Father, a Story of Race and Inheritance, by Barack Obama (I have to write about that later; it's definitely worth reading). The class ended at 4, and the few teenagers bowed out and went home. The Sun came over for a water break and asked if he could stay. And he stayed until they broke again about 5P.

The Senseis teased him about not staying for Katas, but the Sun knows his limits. He was tired. But he hung with the big dogs, and kept up and he was proud as hell. His Senseis, who joined the class at about 3P, were very proud. The Sensei at the dojo asked if The Sun would be back next, and everyone told us it would be OK... even though we pay the Yonkers dojo.

I told the Sun I couldn't have done it--and I was telling the truth. I've a LONG way to go before I could keep up with the Big Dogs.

We went for pizza and then went home.


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