'Tis Spring...

and a Cougar's thoughts turn to flights of fancy:

Spring has sprung!
The Sap has riz!
Tell me where de mens dem iz...

except I've decided on a policy of No Love for the time being. Life is much simpler this way. And you get more when you're not giving any up.

Also the problem is still The Toothache. It just doesn't go away. And I haven't spoken about the situation merely because there's nothing to tell... conversations are rare but flirtations are high.

I was inordinately flattered and amused though, to detect a slight jealousy when I announced plans to marry my FutureHusband. "He's already married" was the retort. "He'll get unmarried!" I said. Then I found out that in fact, my FutureHusband is listed as "single" and so I made sure to announce that my plans were still intact. There was a slight slitting of the eye which just made an old girl's heart laugh and laugh... although I know full well it has more to do with the concept of "Property" than it has to do with any deep emotion. (Seeing as how I was told several times there was no deep emotion.) "He's not gonna get married" was the reply. "Watch me!" I said. "Besides, you should be happy. You have plenty of people to flirt with, and I can leave you alone!"

Ha ha.

But still. A dream is a dream and will remain so... and "Pretty boys" are just too much work so in reality I'm not looking to marry any pretty boys. I'm lazy.

And so my focus turns to making some money. I need to get out of this hole. Spring is springing and the old Bearmaiden emerges from her den... a little sleepy and grouchy, blinking against the bright spring days, off to forage and hunt wander the fields alone. It's all good.

I'm going to take down the column "Things That are Better Than Sex" in a day or so, because in fact, nothing is better than Good Sex (though there are PLENTY of things better than lousy sex) and once you got "good" (um, slight understatement) it's truly not worth it to dabble in "Lousy" or "Hopes of Good." Besides, that column only serves to taunt me. I haven't quite decided what to replace it with yet, though.

So back to work...

...at least for today.

Or unless I turn up anything interesting as I cyberstalk my Future Husband...


dopel-G said…
Still have a toothache huh?.....Maybe what you need is a good Dentist...;)
The Bear Maiden said…
I thought about that. But I don't like dentists and prefer to work on these things on my own. Oil of Cloves works quite well.

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