Almost Back

I hate when I can't write everyday cuz stuff falls in the cracks. I wanted to write about how I had to go downtown and fight for my unemployment last Friday, and how I don't think I'm going to get those two weeks back. And how I hate dealing with the fucking government. They don't do shit for poor people. And I wanted to write about the irony of leaving the government building in what used to be SoHo but is now some bastardized version of a haven for rich folk. And the irony of obviously well-to-do folks of European descent, casually strolling around Hudson street with Dolce & Gabana shopping bags, obviously well-to-do enough to not have a fucking full-time job. Like I keep saying... in order to be free enough to wander leisurely along the street during the daytime, you're either really rich or really poor. And judging by the trendily ripped jeans and the large sunglasses, these folk weren't poor. Rich people always have that "scrubbed pink" look.

See, I don't think I'm going to get those two weeks back because the govt rep pointed out that all their rules and regulations for missing appointments at the DOL are clearly laid out in their handbook they send you. The page that addressed my situation was buried on page 10. Never mind the fucking fact that I called them. Never mind the fact that hey, stupid me, I expected either someone to pick up the phone or return my call. It's not like they were fucking busy... cuz when I walked in the following week, the bitch-ass receptionist was reading the paper. And she told me to come back the next day, which I did. And never mind the fact that the hour I sat there with Nene amounted to a colossal waste of time and taxpayer's money (except I was with Nene) since I received no help or pointers whatsoever, but an hour long lecture on how bad the economy is (NO! REEEEALY??? Trump doesn't seem to think so...). But... everything is laid out on the web and in the handbook, so the DOL's ass is covered.

So I walked out of there crying in frustration, and directly across the street some developer is rehabbing some old building. The big sign on the front had a lump of coal transforming into a diamond. And across the street from that Trump is building another of his glass obelisks of doom.

I was feeling mightily militant, let me tell you.

Well, I finally got that out of my system. I've been fuming about that for days.

I finished the bulk of my monster brochure early this morning... after updating Quark, the Excel import thing worked much better, and since every line of text was in a separate cell, it was easier to apply stylesheets to the the text, and the grid came out pretty fucking cool, if I do say so m'self. Damn, I'm good. I like arranging information so it's easily read. It annoys the hell out of me that charts and graphs are confusing and boring. I once took a seminar I paid for out of my own pocket, conducted by Edward Tufte. The book he wrote, "Envisioning Information" is a little dry, and the follow-up book "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" is even drier, but his seminar was fabulous. If you're into that sort of thing (why, dunno... but hey I like it so you never know) I highly recommend going to one. Turns out he's got a few coming up.


The major design of the 5-panel, double sided brochure is done... and I like it. A lot. They better like it cuz I ain't changing it. Other than make a few corrections. So now, I can double-down and write a presentation for my own meeting on Thursday. But first, I have to chaperon my child who (along with other members of his junior violin ensemble) will be performing at this ASCAP dinner honoring Quincy Jones...

good thing TF didn't come up this week. It would have been hell negotiating a change like this.

But of course I harbor some guilt, still. My little man cried for his dad last night. I crawled up in his bunk bed with him and hugged him till he felt better, and I told him I was sorry it was so hard. That it was hard for all of us, because I know his dad misses him too.... but if it were easier to cooperate with him I'd have no qualms about involving him more. But I can't handle the stress. Not even for my Sun. But I told him I expect his dad to be here in May, and I've already cleared the decks so there should be no conflicts... and hopefully the man will just come and not pick something to be an ass about.

But you never know....

Haven't commented on the Obama-Billary thing, because the whole bashing thing really disgusts me. I have to say I think my man has held his own against the barrage without REALLY succumbing to her level, and I'm hoping he pulls PA out today. It would be nice to see Hope prevail.

But I'm betting on people clinging to guns and religion, m'self. Cuz humans tend to hold on to what we know...


LOL y do u call it a onster broshure, and correction, regardless of what u write u write well, let me know what u think of what i posted last night after the bs tag

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