Just to keep myself in writing mode...

We're trying to plan a 25th anniversary for our very important little school. We got the room donated to us for free... but the catch is that we must use the places caterer. Which is price-gougingly expensive. Which meant we'd have to charge. The top estimate for a ticket... including a little bit of profit to be put back into the school's Parent Association Bank Account, was $100. Parents squirmed.... me too and I'm broke but I'd pay.... principal had a stroke. I wasn't at the school when the thing blew up, but I came to pick up the Sun on Thursday and was approached by 3 people who told me the Principal was having a HotFlash, but that they all knew I'd handle her. That's me, the Chihuahua. I had to laugh. Why me? I actually hate confrontation. But I'm not afraid of the Principal because I think I understand her... and I genuinely adore her. She's a human being, flawed, with "isms" and mildly racist in the way that Obama's mother was mildly racist (I realized that her failure was that she tried to teach Obama what it meant to be a "Black American"... but what she SHOULD have taught him was how to be the son of a Kenyan. And that's why he struggled so with his identity. And why he spent so much time writing about his trip to his father's land. He's not a "Black American." He's half-Kenyan, the way the Sun is half-Albanian. There's a HUGE difference in that). Anyway.

Friday morning at the Parents Association meeting I took her on, and I knew I made my point when she walked away. Later one OneHalf and I saw her and she acted like nothing happened. Which only means that we have a little space. She's probably still mad at us, and is probably still spewing, but she'll leave us alone for a minute and that's all anyone can ask for.


Complete Transcript of a Text Message Conversation:

TF: I'm going 2 fly in on the 21st and stay till the afternoon of the 24th. Make arrangements
Me: No
TF: No -what ?
Me: no i'm not changing plans on the 23 and 24th
TF: You r not changing anything i will take The Sun to Violin Wednesday and i will return him Thursday 4 Bowfire
TF: Do we have a understanding ?
Me: no we do not.
TF: What's the problem ?
Me: I have plans onthe 23 & 24th.
TF: What's wrong with what i wrote ?
Me: We have plans on the 23 and 24th. & possibly Fri sat. We do not have plans the previous weekend, or Mon Tue.
TF: Do you have a job ?
TF: Do you have a job ?
Me: I'm not required to answer that.
TF: So that means No. Get one and u will c how the world works
Me: you are now crossing the line into an inappropraite conversation, & I will no longer respond directly to you. Talk 2 my lawyer.
TF: Inappropriate ? Grow up ! Do you have a job ? because i have to plan my time. And reply to my email !

I forwarded the above to Lawyer and have not answered him since. Later on he spoke to the Sun and told him he would bring up in court the money I owe the Sun (about $100, but you know how kids are... the amount has "grown" in his head to $300) for his allowance. I told the Sun tread carefully right now... your father is mad at me. Not that I like to disturb you but I don't want you to get caught in the middle of a fight. I feel awful telling him that; I do. I asked him if he was OK with me telling him stuff. Would he rather know than not (although in some circumstances he really HAS to); he said he'd rather know. He said his father said he was coming up in two weeks. I told him well... there are some issues with that (told him about the issue with the concerts) so I wasn't sure. But you never know.

I know one thing; I'm not sitting around with my heart in my throat on Thursday... all during my potentially big meeting at that... and wondering if TF will bring the Sun home in enough time to rest and change before this concert at 8P in the city. Cuz I doubt it. He's vindictive like that.

Seriously. I hate That Fucker. I do. It's getting harder and harder to restrain myself. And that "NO"? That's the start of a war. See how simple little words can be a big deal?


Poppy got a big "shout out" in the literary world. We're really proud. Supposedly in a few days it will be made public, so I'm not saying anything until then.

Poppy's response was "Wow....... ....and I'm not even dead yet!" I had to laugh. Later on he told me that now lets just hope he lives long enough to get it. I told him please, don't even jinx it like that.

Pretty kewl...

Well, off to the whirlwind that is my weekend. The house looks like who-did-it-and-ran and it won't even get cleaned up till God-knows-when: Today: dojo/babyshower. Tomorrow: Tournament. Monday: I've got to do Poppy's taxes so that they can be checked before Tuesday. And after that I've a bunch of shit to do... some for profit but of course a lot of it not-for-profit. I have to stop being so fucking generous.


professor said…
TF: first part-initiation
ME: no (that answer was fine)
TF: no-what
ME: your answer was fine
TF: exerting power and control
TF: still exerting power and control
ME: good answer- your holding your ground
TF: "what is your problem"- how dare you defy my orders woman
ME: you gave too much info...all you need to say is "we are unavailable"
TF: wonderment at the fact that how dare you defy him
ME: too much info...we are only available on such and such dates...it doesnt matter why you are unavailable, you can only come on these dates
TF: low blow...said it twice in case you didn't see it the first time...
ME: too much info...best to ignore...just don't answer...however I would say "don't worry if I'm working or not, you just keep working so I can get child support"...but don't do what I do...
TF: ooh, I hit a sore spot (he thinks)...the bells go off- ding ding ding...he's going to come to court and say your an unfit mother because you don't have a job...bring proof of your freelance jobs to court...he probably will have a new lawyer...
ME: too much info...just say "talk to my lawyer" you confused him with the big words and made him angry cause he can't spell them...
TF: see he spelled it wrong even though you modeled it for him...little boy syndrome "no you did it...you did it first...grow up" demeaning behavior, meant to tear down your self-esteem and make you question yourself...wants too sound important and keep the "communication" open...
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. Except I actually spelled it wrong (typing too fast on my little Treo and being really annoyed by then), and he made SURE to spell it right. And I'm annoyed I spelled it wrong, too. And annoyed that much thinking and strategizing went into that little exchange. It took, what, 30 seconds to read that, right? It took about an hour and a half to transpire. As for the TMI, remember I'm writing for a larger audience... the GAL, the lawyer(s), the judge... What a PITA.

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