Da Baby Shower

Back in the day, when I was pregnant, baby showers were still pretty much a Ladies Affair. Twern't that long ago, neither... the Sun is only 9. I objected to the stupid paper hat decorated with all the bows and ribbons from the presents, but they made me wear the thing, and I did...since my friends had all showed up bearing gifts. I figured I owed them some entertainment.

My dad came, cuz he's Poppy (and he was sick too, had just come out of the hospital pretty much so we were glad he was there), and TF was there walking around. I think. He may have left. Funny, I have to ask the Professor.

One of my friends showed up with her boyfriend (who I instantly didn't like and he ended up dumping her shortly thereafter) and I was awfully glad she came... but I was royally annoyed he was there. It was a Ladies Affair you see. We had light food, and silly games and it was over by about 6 or 7P, and I went home with cool stuff.

When the Diva got pregnant, we got wind that her PITA was trying to plan a shower. We forcibly wrested it away from him since we knew he was trying to plan what the Professor and I haughtily referred to as a Ghetto Baby Shower. He got royally pissed off. But we didn't care; and the Diva had a lovely brunch shower at The Black Whale, complete with breakfast food cuz we knew the Diva liked breakfast the most. We couldn't afford much, but I thought it was pretty classy considering, and she was surprised and got cool stuff. I hope she liked it... I wonder sometimes if we should have just let her have the shower her PITA wanted her to have... but I dunno.

Because apparently, baby showers these days have morphed into something else entirely.

Saturday we went to Mima's daughter's babyshower. Miss Divine is as much--if not more--of a Diva as our Diva is. The invitation said 6P. We got there at about 6:30-close to 7P, and no one was there yet, so we went upstairs to hang out with Mima. It was all women (the Sun was very happy to stay with the Moon and Shoefly), and we had a great time catching up (my ex-Lawyer, who is Mima's friend, came) and being giddy. Miss Divine was out getting her toes done.

About 7:30P we go downstairs... still no one had really shown up, but the DJ was already there, playing tunes. Then the appetizers came out, along with the beer, the mixed drinks and the mixeduppunch thing that tasted like watermelon. I stuck to Corona. Around this time Miss Divine made her entry.

Then the food came out; buffalo wings, fried chicken wingettes (really good), Macaroni and cheese (tasted homemade), pernil (which always looks good but I don't eat), mixed vegetables, lasagna, meatballs.

There were rumors of an altercation outside, but inside the Bloods sat along one wall and pretty much behaved themselves.

The DJ played pretty good music, and I was truly surprised that no one really got up to dance when he played some bachata. I guess it wasn't that kind of a party.

About 10P, the hostess gathered everyone to the front, and Miss Divine had to endure opening the TONS of presents, with the hostess announcing everything over the mic so the people in the back of the room could hear. This took about an hour... and they were rushing.

The Bloods sat politely through the whole thing.

Shoefly called about this time; it was 11P and she was fading. She wanted to know when I was coming to get my child.

They gave out cake. And then the hostesses started to pack up, and several guests (though really none of the men. Or the Bloods. I guess they're too cool for clean-up) chipped in to throw away tablecloths and stack folding chairs and collect garbage. Although the father of the mom-to-be did pick up chairs.

We left about 11:30. I could see that Miss Divine was really tired by this point, but she was a true guest of honor and hung in there. Plus she only had to travel upstairs to go to bed. But she was going home with really cool stuff.

The Bloods were still walking around with beer, but we really had to get home.


Carrie said…
Sometimes your world is so freakin' different from mine. LOL.

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