My Saturday Night

Haven't posted since Friday... and my mood hasn't changed much. The little kids singing and playing did help, but they were experiencing technical difficulties with the donated sound. The kids didn't care... in fact they were spectacular considering we're talking about kids no older than 16 or 17 (and mostly 9 and 10) playing very difficult rhythms and changes and time signatures like 6/8. The Sun had a blast. The director however, was distraught, and her mood was palpable.

I saw her afterwards and told her honestly, the kids were great and you can ALWAYS hear drums without a mic, but I understood why she was so upset. The thing is... despite whatever you've heard about "Black People", I have no rhythm, and the Sun inherited that unfortunate trait from me. TF has a good sense of rhythm and wasn't a bad dancer which is something I liked about him. But the Sun is a little um, stiff. But he's made tremendous strides since working with the Percussion Ensemble, and he's graduated from cowbell to tambourine...

On Saturday, the other half of the kids from the dojo were having their belt promotions, and the Sun and I went to lend our support. The promotions were held at the dojo in the Bronx, which is a little smaller than the one we go to, and much more masculine.

Afterwards, Shihan was going to "MC" a Muay Thai exhibition down at Fighthouse, and Big Sensei wanted to go check it out... and I did too. Little Sensei was out playing double-A baseball, and so wasn't around. When tempted with the Wii, the Sun went off with Big Sensei's wife and son (a major first... though he looked mighty shell-shocked when I got back) and so Big Sensei, his daughter (blue belt/black stripe and very talented but also very "15" which means she's too cool to sweat), another guy from the Yonkers dojo who's English is extremely limited, and myself, all piled into Sensei's car and rode downtown.

Ha ha. Grandpa left too soon. I would have loved to call him up and tell him all about Muay Thai. I taped the following clip on the Trusty Treo. These are two 13 year olds....

Turns out, BigBear goes down to Fighthouse to play Tai Chi sometimes, so I was excited to go down there... nice space. I introduced myself to the owner. She's a bad motha("shutyomouf!") and I really wouldn't want to mess with her on a dark night. The entrance fee was $35 a pop, which none of us could really afford but we were down there already. Place was packed. And Taimak ("The Last Dragon") was there:

(mmm mmm mmmm still looks good! a year older than me...)

and the fights were good.

Afterwards, I went to Big Sensei's sister-in-law's and played Spades for a bit.

On Sunday, I told the Sun about Taimak, and we rented the video. The Sun was entranced, and replayed the ending a few times. Talked about getting the glow.

Sho Nuff!


professor said…
nothing like beating the shit out of someone...if I didn't have a bum leg I would do extreme fighting...but for now Ima lose weight and hopefully one day run the marathon...
The Bear Maiden said…
Yeh, lol. Muay Thai rocks. Better than kickboxing. The knee/hiptwist thing is way cool.

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