Last Spaghetti Post of the Day

I promise. Cuz I REALLY have shit to do.

But speaking of red BMWs... and I'm not a "Beamer" person at all, but this is HAWT!!!! I always used to say that when I grew up to be rich, I'd have a red sportscar. Then I got turned off the whole redcar thing, for reasons I outlined earlier. But this... this changes my mind. Maybe the aforementioned bitch was on to something... she was still nasty to work for though.

I should probably learn to drive, first. I still can't tell you which pedal is the gas pedal, and I used to have nightmares that I was in a situation where I HAD to drive because life depended on it. (I keep telling you I have issues!)

I think Inventorspot is gonna be a new obsession of mine for a minute.

More about the redbeamer on Autoblog.


Fat Lady said…
I TOLD you! Get a PERMIT and I will teach you to drive. When you manage to get out of your head a little, and stop expecting people to behave properly, you'll be a good driver.
professor said…
she's useless...I was GIVING her my car (in good shape too) if she just learned to drive...ended up selling the car to shoefly...
The Bear Maiden said…
LISTEN. It's the other people what scares me. But I will get my permit. I just have to get the extra cash AND remind myself to do it.

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