The Blues Are Brewin'

...well, not so much the blues.

More like

questioning the validity of love. Whether it matters in this world today.

whether the world would really be different if MLK had lived. Or would he have been broken? Corrupted?

40 years ago today MLK was shot. They said the bullet tore a hole in the side of his face. What an awful, awful way to go... a hole torn in the side of your jaw because you believed in hope. In love. And for what? Has it really changed? Crawl around the internet, listen to Fox News, hear the Gollums all hiss and sneer... some of the most profoundly racist and disturbing shit. Hope didn't triumph... evil just went underground.

Have I given up on love and hope? Not completely. Actually, not at all. But I think I may need to switch gears.... and I think I feel it happening.... and I'm not really sure it's a good thing. People haven't really seen me in "bitch mode" but I feel one coming on.

Off to a meeting. I'll probably be late. Not cuz I took 5 minutes to post this, but because I needed a half hour to gather all the shit I'll need for the rest of the day....

The day will end well, though, I know for certain. The Sun will be performing with the Speaking In Rhythms Percussion Ensemble, and kids singing and playing instruments always gives me hope.

But right this second....?


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